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A Guide to Choosing the Best Farm Names

Mary is a tilapia farmer in Brazil. Through her articles, she shares insights and tips to make your farm more profitable.

Need a fitting name for your farm, ranch, orchard, homestead, or vineyard? Get tons of name ideas here, and learn how to generate your own.

Need a fitting name for your farm, ranch, orchard, homestead, or vineyard? Get tons of name ideas here, and learn how to generate your own.

120+ Ideas for Good Farm or Ranch Names (With Farm Name Generator)

Imagine pulling up to a farm gate and seeing 5784 Hwy 84. Now imagine you pull up and see a sign saying Green Meadows Farm. Which would you rather visit? Which would you rather own?

If you're looking for a name for your farm or your ranch, I've got some ideas for you to consider. I'll suggest some names in this article, but I will also show you how to come up with a name unique to your farm. Let's get started finding a name for your farm, ranch, or homestead.

This farm name generator will help you try out lots of different ideas quickly.

This farm name generator will help you try out lots of different ideas quickly.

How to Use the Farm Name Generator

Use the tables below to help you generate a name. It's easy:

  1. Choose one adjective from the first table. For this example, let's use the word stony.
  2. Choose one noun from the second table. Let's pick creek.
  3. Choose one place type from the third table. Let's go with view.

stony + creek + view = Stony Creek View. Congratulations, you've named your farm!

Step 1: Pick an Adjective

ColorsConditionsWeather TypesLandscape TypesEmotionsPositions





































Sky Blue






Step 2: Pick a Noun










































































Step 3: Pick a Place Type

























How to Modify the Generator to Create the Perfect Name for You

The tables above are just an idea of how you can select words and join them together to form something personal to your farm. You don't have to use all of the columns, or you can use multiple adjectives or nouns.

How about Lucky Silver Ranch or Tumbleweed Ridge Farm? If your favorite animal or plant isn't on these lists, feel free to use that instead, like Lazy Ferret Farm or Red Petunia Cottage. Your imagination only limits you.

Try a few combinations until you come up with a good one. Jot it down, then make another until you get a good list. When you have several ideas, don't decide immediately. It's best to leave it for a time and look at your list with fresh eyes to see if you still love the names.

My mother always said, "Sometimes it's best to sleep on it." Some you will love, others you might think are okay, and a few you might say, What was I thinking!

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If a certain tree features prominently on your land, why not incorporate it into your name?

If a certain tree features prominently on your land, why not incorporate it into your name?

Farm and Ranch Names Inspired by Trees

Names of trees have always been a popular inclusion for farm names. If you have a coppice on your homestead and it forms part of your place's character, why not include it in the name? Here are a few examples:

  • Birch Wood Farm
  • Magnolia Ranch
  • Whispering Pines
  • Cedar Tree Hollow
  • Hickory Homestead
  • Elm Tree Farm
  • Oakdale Ranch
  • Willow Way
  • Sycamore Rise
  • Old Maple Way
  • The Cherry Orchard
  • Chestnut Copse
  • Gingko Grove
  • Coppice Way
  • Eucalyptus Grange
  • Rosewood Ramble

Names Based on Wild Plants

If you want to include a plant's name, this doesn't only have to be about the trees growing near your place; you could also name it after an abundant wild plant you have growing. Here are a few ideas:

  • Bracken Hill
  • Cattail Hollow
  • Daisy Dale
  • Ivy Ridge
  • Nettle Bank Farm
  • Bramble Hedge Homestead
  • Blueberry Hill
  • Thistle Bank
  • Gorse Bush Farm
  • Yarrow Valley
  • Goldenrod Acres
  • Sagebrush Ranch
  • Oleander Acreage
  • Salmonberry Trails
  • Salal Thicket
This farm's name was inspired by the local wildlife and geography.

This farm's name was inspired by the local wildlife and geography.

Homestead Names Inspired by Local Wildlife

It's likely your farm or ranch will have some livestock, but if the name for your farm doesn't need to represent what you raise or grow, consider using the name of an animal that is native to the region. It could be one that you currently see or even one that was there in the past. Here are a few examples:

  • Fox Run
  • Badger Hill Farm
  • Wild Turkey Ranch
  • Fox Hollow
  • Coyote Crossing
  • Mustang Ranch
  • Buffalo Pass Farm
  • Dingo Point
  • Grizzly Way
  • Black Bear Farm
  • Crow's Rest
  • Beaver's Point
  • Elk Pass Canyon
  • Jackrabbit Ranch
  • Quail Run Homestead
Big Creek Ranch is a great example of a farm name inspired by water.

Big Creek Ranch is a great example of a farm name inspired by water.

Names Inspired by Water (Rivers, Lakes, Streams, and More)

If your land has a lake or borders a stream or river, consider incorporating that into your farm's new name. Even if it no longer has water running in it, you can still use this to great effect. Here are a few examples:

  • Dry Creek Ranch
  • Lake View Farm
  • Dry Gulch
  • Hidden Cove Ranch
  • Sunny Banks Ranch
  • Trout Brook Farm
  • Hidden Spring Hideaway
  • Spring Mount
  • Dinky Creek
  • Brookside
  • Brook Haven
  • Riverside Farm
  • Broken Brook
  • Crooked Creek
  • Lost Cove Homestead
  • Riverlands

Funny Farm Names

I personally love to see a bit of levity when it comes to farming. If you have a small farm or homestead, you will know a sense of humor is crucial to keeping your sanity. Tell me I am not the only one who has chased chickens or guinea fowl around a coop trying to get them to go in at night. Like a scene from a Keystone Cops film, it was one of those moments that was aggravating, but I knew I'd laugh about it later.

A humorous name can be one that incorporates your own name, place, or a play on words. With that in mind, here are a few names for your homestead that are funny:

  • Back Achers Farm (Back Acres Farm)
  • Done Roamin'
  • Almosta Ranch
  • El Ranch Costa Plente
  • Wits End Farm
  • Dairy Air (heir)
  • Blazing Pitchforks
  • Pushin' Up Daisies
  • Seeds n' Weeds Farm
  • Not-so-Green Acres
  • The Rooster's Egg
  • Mud n' More Ranch
  • Cow Pat Pasture
  • The Strange Grange
  • Workhard Orchard
  • Greenish Acres

Cute Farm and Ranch Names

Cuteness is subjective, but you can't go wrong with a name that highlights small animals, tasty crops, colorful flowers, or the rustic, homey appeal of a farm. Here are a few ideas:

  • Cozy Calico Farm
  • Honeybuzz Meadow
  • Sweet Clover Fields
  • Lamb's Lettuce Cottage
  • Seedling Creek Cottage
  • The Marigold Abode
  • The Pig Patch
  • Bumblebee Barn
  • Puddle Pond Gardens
  • Rosy Dove Roost
  • Wild Magnolia Meadow
  • Thirsty Cactus Ranch
  • Bearded Goat Barn
  • The Hay Patch
  • Rook's Nook Homestead
Do you raise horses? One of these names may be suitable.

Do you raise horses? One of these names may be suitable.

Horse Farm, Barn, and Stable Names

If your farm or ranch is predominately related to the raising of horses or associated with horses, a name reflecting that is a good idea. Your place doesn't even have to be a farm; you could be looking for horse business names for a riding stable, or perhaps you are a supplier of riding paraphernalia.

  • The Golden Horse Ranch
  • Rocking Horse Farm
  • Freckled Fanny Farm
  • New Heights
  • Stable View
  • Broken Spur
  • Dreamweaver
  • White Horse Ranch
  • Flying Hooves
  • Pegasus Ranch
  • Hands High Ranch
  • Pony Pastures
  • Cantering Acres
  • Sweet Hay Stables
  • Roan Range

Farm Names That Celebrate Country Living

If you want your homestead's name to celebrate life in the country, you might focus on rustic adjectives, descriptions of the land, farming implements, and the simple beauty of nature. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Red Cedar Cottage
  • Cloudy Skies Ranch
  • Old Wheelbarrow Farm
  • Stony Patch Orchard
  • Green Grove
  • Tiller's Trail
  • Muddy Boots Farm
  • Swooping Hawk Vista
  • Blue Fox Butte
  • Happy Hillock
  • Grassy Acres
  • Sunny Creek Cabin
  • Red Hawk Roost
  • Wagon Hollow
  • Knotty Pine Place
  • Fork & Tiller

Need More Ideas? Have a Naming Party!

If you can't come up with a suitable name yourself, ask for help. Have a brainstorming session with family and friends. Invite them for a party or barbecue and call it a "Name the Farm" Party.

Gathering everyone together will encourage others to contribute, and it will also give you better results; you'll reap far more name suggestions than you could think of by yourself. If you understand how a mastermind group works, this is the same thing. You'll hear ideas that you had never thought of before, either on your own or with your family. Let the kids get involved, too, because their imaginations are often less inhibited than the adults', and they may come up with a bit of a gem.

If your guests have lived in the area for a long time, they may know the local history and suggest a name with historical ties. Ask for words in another language and incorporate those into a name, such as Spanish, French, or Native American words.

How to Host the Party

  1. Supply everyone with cards, pens, and pencils.
  2. Let everyone write up their ideas and throw them into an old milk jug, feed sack, or another farm-related receptacle.
  3. Shuffle up the suggestions, then read them out loud one by one. Take note of the ones you like the best.
Try to future-proof your name—Honey Hills would be a great name for a farm focused on bees, but if you switch to growing cucumbers in the future, it won't make much sense!

Try to future-proof your name—Honey Hills would be a great name for a farm focused on bees, but if you switch to growing cucumbers in the future, it won't make much sense!

How to Make Sure You Choose a Good Name

  • Don't limit yourself. Choose your name carefully and consider whether you might change the product of your farm in the future. For example, if your farm raises pigs and you call it Makin' Bacon, that isn't going to suit your farm if you change and begin selling eggs, honey, or vegetables. You don't want to limit your market by choosing a name that is too specific.
  • Keep the name simple and appropriate. How easy is it to say? Is it easy to spell? If you're combining two words, does it sound right as one word? Is the name going to be confusing for others? If it is a humorous name, is it lewd with the possibility of offending someone? Remember, your farm is your business, so it should have an appropriate name.
  • Make it catchy. Consider using alliteration in the name, which is when multiple words start with the same letter: Alder Alley Acres, Corner Cove, Big Bear Barn. You can also use consonance or assonance, which is when multiple words have the same internal consonant or vowel sounds, like Rusty Buzzard Roost or Broken Oak Grove. You can even try a rhyming name, like Bees and Trees Farm.

How to Register a Farm Name

To begin with, you'll need to see if the name you're considering is already in use in your state or area of residence.

  • If you're in the USA, you can check online for the forms. This is handled by your state. To find the correct department, search for "secretary of state (insert your state's name) business forms" or "business registry" or "corporation names." You can also contact the Secretary of State's office.
  • If you're in a different country, search for "registering a business," and you should be able to file online.

This will also provide you with information about the costs of registration and the time frame for renewal.

Although you may not think this is an avenue to go down, speak with an accountant. It could be in your best financial interest to run your farm as a business and not just as a home or hobby farm.

Even More Name Ideas and Farming Advice

  • Farm Name Generator
    You can use this online name generator to get ten ideas for farm names. If none of them work for you, just click the button to get ten more.
  • 50 Vineyard and Winery Names
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Can You Suggest a Farm Name?

Since publishing this article, I've had several people contact me, asking for help to name their farms, ranches, and homesteads. As I mentioned, brainstorming is a great way to get more names in the hopper and will offer you a wider variety of choices.

Therefore, when I get asked a question about a name, I would like to throw it out there so other readers can suggest names. You can do this in the comment section below. If, after reading about the person's farm, you can come up with a unique name, please share it with us. Let's make this interactive!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: My farm caters to all types of farming. Do you have any suggestions for a name?

Answer: I suggest using either a name associated with your area or your surname. In your situation, you don't want to be too specific to a type of farming. I suggest a name such as 'Green Valley Farm' or ' Mountain View Farm.'

Question: I am racking my brain for a name for my small 1-acre farm. I have goats and rabbits right now, but I will be adding some chickens and a small garden. My small piece of paradise has a huge piece of my heart because six years ago I lost my oldest daughter in a car wreck. My farm was purchased with the settlement money I received. I want something that will be in remembrance of my baby girl Rayshell. What do you think I should name it?

Answer: I am sorry for your loss.

Have you thought of calling it Rayshell? A name for a farm can be one word. You don't have to have farm, ranch, homestead etc at the end. I think that would be a wonderful name, and a tribute to her.

Question: Our farm is 24 acres and will have horses, chickens, donkeys, and goats. It's in Hawaii, on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. We feel very blessed and are in heaven. Do you have any suggestions for a name?

Answer: I can think of a few things to incorporate in a name. I would suggest you use a Hawaiian word meaning blessed, paradise, or loved. In this case, I would forget about giving it a name associated with the animals you may be keeping. I would concentrate more on the view, location, native flora and fauna, and possibly even the history of the area.

Question: Our lake is shaped like an elephants head. We are in Mississippi on 92 acres used for fishing hunting and ATV riding. Any suggestions for a farm name?

Answer: Of course you could call it something related to the shape of the lake, such as Elephant Head Ranch. If it was open to the public, you could call it a resort, ie Elephant Head Resort. However, is it possible to see it from an elevated position, to see the shape of an elephant's head? If not people may wonder why you called it that. Having a 'quirky' name, I think is good, especially for publicity.

Something else to think about, the shape of lakes change over time. The shape could be maintained with the use of bulldozers etc if you found it necessary.

If the shape is necessary to work in conjunction with the name, perhaps drone footage showing the shape would be a good idea. This would also give people an idea of the surrounding terrain if they were going to use it for off road vehicles.

Capitalizing on what makes your place unique, is a great idea.

Question: Our farm is in the valley of Sahyadri Hills near Bimashankar in the District Raigad, Maharashtra. Do you have any suggestions for farm name?

Answer: I had a look at the images of the areas you mentioned. It's so beautiful there. I can only give your suggestions that are noncultural. I'm unaware of if you can give a name about a deity. Therefore I won't suggest those.

I do see that you get many travelers through there. If your farm offers accommodation, you could call it Traveler's Rest or Pilgrim's Rest.

If your farm has a view of an iconic place, such as the waterfalls or the river, mention that in the name.

From the images, I can also see that Sahyadri Hills is also rich in flora and fauna so you could use the name of a local plant or animal in the name.

Question: Our dream is to have a large ranch for the disabled in the mountains of Georgia do you have any suggestions for a name?

Answer: Enabled riding center springs to mind.

Although you can include words like capable, enabled, motivated, and other empowering words, you don't need to. Through your advertising, they will understand that your ranch will offer services aimed at disabled people.

Question: We have an 85 acre farm, half woods, half tillable in Northern Wi. It is on a ridge overlooking a valley. We grow vegetables and garlic. It is our retirement location. Any suggestions on a name for it?

Answer: The first one that sprang to mind is Ridge View Farm. Alternatively, you could bring in the word valley. Such as Green Valley Farm. If there are trees or a prominent feature in that valley, such as willows, Willow Valley View Farm. You can see how you can expand on your surroundings to apply it to your farm's name. No just where your farm sits but also what you see from it.

I hope that has given you a few ideas to help you generate the perfect farm name.

Question: I have a small barn for cats, dogs, pot belly pigs and a pony. It's their sanctuary, what shall I name it?

Answer: Your question can be taken a couple different ways. Do you mean that it is their sanctuary as in they love it. Or do you offer homes for rescue animals? If it is just related to those animals enjoying 'farm life' a name such as Heavenly Barnyard. If it's a rescue home, you might want to use the words, animal sanctuary in the name. Such as Green Valley Animal Sanctuary. If it is a business or charity, you'll need something that gets a professional message across.

Question: “Farm” is a big stretch since I live in Denver proper!

I do grow flowers and sell bouquets that I’ve arranged. I would say my design style is natural and whimsical. My previous flower business was One Charming Bouquet, which I like, but doesn’t indicate that I grow everything from seed, totally local, heirloom flowers that aren’t typically shipped.

Do you have any ideas for my Urban Farmette? (aka what used to be my backyard!)

Answer: It may be impossible to incorporate everything into the name. Think of 'Coca Cola', 'Google', or 'Amazon'. None of those companies, tell us everything. That is where a website or blog can come in useful.

I like both 'One Charming Bouquet' and also 'Urban Farmette'. You could include a tag line on business cards and a website. 'Seed>Bloom>Create' or 'From heirloom to your room'.

Question: My farm focuses on 'agritourism.' What should I name it?

Answer: You don't need a specific name because you are going to have tourists. However, one that conjures up something idyllic about farm life would be better for beneficial for your promotional activities. For example, Riverbank homestead sounds better than Dry Gulch Farm. Choose the best thing about your farm or area and enlighten it. You can also use your last name. I had friends in the UK who had a farm with their surname and they turned it into a popular farm center.

Question: Our farm is a wedding venue with big white oak trees. What could we name it?

Answer: It sounds lovely. I would go with the obvious here, and call it White Oak Farm. I wouldn't suggest adding wedding into the title of the farm's name although you could on the promotional material. The reason being, although using it as a wedding venue may be profitable, you can expand your clientele to include business gatherings as well.

Question: I am looking for a good name for my goat farm. Can you suggest a name?

Answer: If you are always planning on having goats, then naming your farm to include them is a good choice. If people are unsure if they will always have a certain animal or grow a specific crop, I suggest they give their farm a more general name.

For a goat farm: Jus' Kiddin', Capra Corner, Billy & Co, Bread & Butter (because you will make money (bread) and a goat likes to butt.

You can obviously manipulate the words associated with goats. Billy, Nanny, Kids, Capra (the Latin name), Cabra (Spanish ), bode (Portuguese). I would suggest making it an easy to remember name, especially if you are selling to the public.

Question: I really need help in naming our farm. Can you help me?

Answer: In the article I've given many suggestions to help you find a name for your farm. Select either something related to your farm's history, landscape or activities. Try adding your own ideas to the farm name generator in the article and you will be able to create different combinations of potentially suitable names.

Question: Our little acre farm is nestled in the Napa Valley. Started as a hobby garden and we have slowly become an animal rescue sanctuary as well. Mostly goats. Our first two goats were named Sassy and Cupcake. What would you recommend?

Answer: It sounds a wonderful place. You can be specific, such as your town followed by an animal sanctuary. For example, Calistoga animal rescue and sanctuary. That is general enough to encompass different types of animals.

However, when you mentioned your first goats, I thought a great name would be, The Sassy Cupcake animal sanctuary. It's so outlandish that people will remember the name and that is always good PR. Everyone would want to know why you called it that and then suddenly, you have an engaged audience who will be willing to adopt or sponsor you.

Question: My farm has two components; urban and organic farming. What name suits the situation?

Answer: You can incorporate both names into one such as "Urban Organics." Or, if you prefer, you can use one of them and then use the other in a tagline — something like "Hitchcock Urban Farm," Organic produce fresh from the city.

Question: We are stuck for a farm name. We have tons of granite on our property. The rocks are everywhere so we thought of incorporating it in the name, but we are stuck. Can you help us name our farm?

Answer: There were two names that instantly sprang to mind. 'Between a rock and a hard place' was the first but I found it too wordy.

The second was 'Hard Rock Farm', however with the Hard Rock Cafe, it isn't original.

Words you can use beside granite could be quartz, feldspar, and igneous. Don't forget you can also go less specific and opt for rock or rocky. Such as Rocky Hill Farm, Quartz Quarters. You don't say what you farm but if it is crops in rows, "Rocks and Rows". It's a shame you don't sell bread, you could have called it "rock and roll".

If you have chickens, "Rocks around the cluck". It depends if you want a fun name or a serious name as well.

Question: I’m trying to get a name for our small farm, we have a variety of animals but mostly beef cattle, do you have any suggestions?

Answer: Because your farming activities are varied and may change in the future depending on market factors, I would suggest not naming it in relation to what you raise. I'd suggest a name that includes your family surname, a regional/location, or even a landmark on or near your farm. Consider for example, (Name) 'Hawkin's Family farm', (area)"Meadow valley farm', or (landmark) The Crossroads.

Question: I have been trying to name our farm for over a year now. I show paint and quarter horses. We bought the farm because of my show mare Platinum Details. We are surrounded by ferns and have beautiful meadow-like pastures. I want to incorporate my horse's name, but also need it to be professional. Any suggestions?

Answer: It sounds idyllic. I would suggest 'Platinum Meadows Farm'. It sounds beautiful and exclusive. If you sell your horses, teach riding, or have other equine related interests, it gives it an upmarket appeal.

Question: We have 12 acres in Foristell Mo. We live on an old airstrip, and we own the pole barn that held the plane from 1970. What would be a good name for our farm?

Answer: I think you should include something to do with the landing strip. Perhaps your last name and then landing, for example, Wagner's Landing. It is part of what is different and unique about your place. People who are long-time residents will be glad you kept the history alive. New residents will become engaged in why your farm is called that.

Question: I'm having trouble coming up with a name for my registered goat farm. I raise Alpines but do not want that to be in the name--so as not to limit it. I live in Wisconsin in the Driftless Area by the Mississippi River. The farm is on top of a ridge, therefore it is windy most of the time. We have rolling hills in our area and two creeks out back. What names would you suggest for my goat farm?

Answer: It sounds like an ideal place. Here are a few suggestions: Windy Ridge Goat Farm or simply Windy Ridge. Dinky Creek Farm, Ridge Creek Ranch. Billy n' Kids.

Question: I love dragonflies and daisies. I have a property with fruit trees, berries, grapevines, flowers, veggies, and a small greenhouse. I make all kinds of things also. I need a good name for this place to use as a brand. Can you help me, please?

Answer: I think you have answered your own question in your first sentence. Why not call it Dragonflies and Daisies? I think it's beautiful! It would be a great brand name as well. Remember, you don't have to go for a conventional name such as Berry Hill Farm. It encompasses a natural and eco-friendly feeling.

Question: We have a 10+ acre farm. We have cows bulls, chickens, ducks, and dogs. I also have some of my children, who have different last names, I really don't want to go with one last name. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: My first thought was Full House Farm. It sounds like a hive of activity there. With your family you can use the name generator and put in various words that are related to your farm. Perhaps not the domesticated animals, since you aren't exclusively rearing only one type.

Think of your location, a type of vegetation that is characteristic of your farm or area. Does your farm have a view of something special?

With the hub of people you have there, you'll have an excellent brainstorming session.

Question: I have a variety of livestock. What should I name a farm with a variety of livestock living together?

Answer: The first idea that came to mind was Menagerie Farm. You can, of course, use your name or something that is specific to your area.

Question: We own a 10-acre ranch with horses and dogs in the desert, near the base of the Sierra Nevadas. Our last name is Smith so naturally, we thought of naming it Smith Ranch or Smith Family Ranch but that seems too ordinary. We already have a brand design of triple S but I didn't want triple S Ranch. Any suggestions?

Answer: It would be a great idea to bring in the view. For example, Sierra Vista or Mountain View with the word ranch, homestead, etc following. Also if there is a specific peak that you see in the Sierras you could use that in the name.

I am from California and just checked for peaks in the Sierra Nevada mountains. There were many peaks in the range I wasn't aware of.

Question: We have a small 30 acre farm in Arkansas. Our surname is Swan. What are your thoughts on the name: THE SWANDEROSA?

Answer: Of course, you could name it what you like, however before you do check out the meaning of the word Ponderosa. Although you may be naming it after the television show there is more to it than that. It can be a type of pine tree or a snail. Also, you don't say your age but there will come a time when people no longer remember the television program and people will be left wondering what your name means.

Question: I'm trying to name my homestead with the word willow in it. Any suggestions?

Answer: How about Willow Way, Willow Farm, Wild Willow Homestead, Willow View, Willow Tree Farm.

They are also called sallows so you could use that in the name. Or even catkin, such as Catkin View Farm. If you know the type of willow, you can use that as well.

Such as The White Willow Homestead or Weeping Willow Hollow.

Add words related to willow and then use farm, view, homestead, ranch, hollow etc until you find a combination that you think, 'that works'.

Sometimes it's best to leave your idea for a few days and then come back and see if you still love it.

Question: We have a vegetable farm called Luna Bleu farm, but we are trying to separate livestock from vegetables, what name I would be put on it?

Answer: I'm not clear why you think you need a separate name. Luna Bleu Farm sounds like the perfect name to encompass all farming activities. You could add ranch or livestock to the end of Luna Bleu.

Question: I am aiming to start a farm development business for Areca trees with a farmhouse. Do you have any suggestions for a name?

Answer: I would caution you against using the name Areca. It may be that such a specialize business will expand to include other types of trees and plants. Depending on where you are, it will cost money to name your farm and register it. I would use a more general name possibly one that is about the area, your surname or an easy to remember name.

When you think of the costs that may be incurred with a name change, you want to get one that you'll be happy with for years to come.

It isn't just the costs of registering your farm or business but also potentially a website name, business cards and stationery, building a logo etc.

Question: We have animals including, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pet pigs, reptiles, sheep, goats, dogs, and rabbits. We also take unwanted animals or rescues. Do you have suggestions for a farm name?

Answer: My goodness, it sounds that you are truly living the homestead life. As I recently suggested to another reader, Menagerie Farm. Home Farm also indicates that you 'give a home' to these animals. Second Chance Farm would also be suitable.

Question: I have a piece land of about 20 acres where I plant cocoa, banana, and cashew. I’m having trouble thinking of a name for it. Any Suggestions?

Answer: It depends whether you are trying to attract business or for your own private use. For example, if you were trying to attract tourists to your farm, you might lean toward a tropical name. Something perhaps related to birds, or flowers or the local area. Such as "Hummingbird farm", or "tropical views retreat".

If you are producing your cocoa, bananas and cashews for the domestic market, it can be something using your family name. "Grover Brothers Farm", or "Harvest Fresh Farm".

Question: We have a beautiful willow tree on our property and it's our piece of heaven. Do you have any suggestions for a name?

Answer: It's an interesting question because although you love that tree and want to commemorate it by naming your farm, should you? What if it dies and there is no willow? If it is an old tree, you could call it 'Ancient Willow farm' or something similar. Willow tree farm, Willow way, The Whispering Willow homestead.

Question: We bought an original German homestead in the Texas hill country. It sits at the highest point in the area and has beautiful pastures and several smaller homes on the property plus horse stables and barn. We are starting a family business. We have 300 year old oaks on the property plus the usual chickens, dogs,cats, and horses plus one happy donkey. We have been racking our brains for a year now. Any suggestions?

Answer: It sounds like you have thought long and hard. I think a name including your oaks would be a good choice. Ancient Oaks Farm, I like. It sounds classic and timeless. It also leaves you open to other business options.

Question: I raise commercial and registered Boer goats in SE South Dakota. In the future I might plan on adding Hereford and Angus cattle along with Hereford pigs possibly. Growing up in Illinois City I've always wanted to farm since I can remember. Now that I've started I need a good name for it. Any ideas?

Answer: It sounds like your dream is turning into a reality. I would suggest not naming your farm around any of the animals you have or are planning to have. The reason for this is because you are new to farming, you may change your mind about a type or breed of animal you rear. I would opt for something more personal to you, perhaps related to your name or the fact you escaped the city for a piece of heaven.

Question: We have orange farms, but grow some other fruits on the side.

Things to consider for naming my farm are that we are situated in a valley, and vegetation depends on natural stream water. Our family name translated into English is "Lion." Can you help in suggesting us a farm name?

Answer: "Lion Valley Orchards" was the first name to come to mind. It encompasses your name, area, and type of farming.

Question: Our last name is Long. We are developing a farm on 35 acres and hope to eventually have a wedding venue barn along with a small hobby farm. I'd like to know your thought on the name Long Haul Ranch. We could have the venue barn be The Long Hall. I've been struggling for a year and this is the only name that keeps coming to mind. Can you help?

Answer: I think you're on the right track but the phrase, "Long Haul Ranch', sounds like you were in shipping or trucking. I like "Long Hall Farm", or simply , "Long Hall".

However, if you want your wedding venue to cater to upmarket clients, you should select a name that would be suitable.

Is there a crop, a wild plant that you could incorporate into the name? For example, "Fern Ridge Farm", "Apple Blossom Wedding Venue", or "Willow Way Farm".

Question: I'd like to incorporate my three granddaughters' names into a name for my farm. We have Black Angus. Any suggestions?

Answer: If you take either the first letters of their names or parts of their name and combine them. However, what if your family grows? Ideally, you want a permanent name for your farm. Alternatively, you could use your surname. For example Williams & Family Cattle Farm (or Angus Farm). Another option is the area, let's say you're in Tulsa. Tulsa Angus. If you want something more serene sounding, Green Valley Angus Farm.

Question: I live in Mississippi and I'm starting an Alpaca and mini animal farm. I plan to have agritourism and would like alpaca in the farm name. I was in the interior design business for 20 yrs and have been called "Prissy" by some friends. I am infatuated with all things French and thought about Le Petit Farm, but it doesn't include the alpacas. I'm a southern girl through and through. Any ideas?

Answer: Le Petit Alpaca Farm Center. My concern is that if you decide alpacas aren't suitable, then you'd have to change the name. This is one of the main reasons I suggest a generic name. Small farms are constantly evolving and different animals come and go depending on the needs of the farm.

Question: My farm has pigs, ducks and chickens. Please help me find a name for the farm?

Answer: I would advise against naming it specifically about one type of animal unless you exclusively farm just the one. It sounds like your farm is diversified and so a name should be more general. Consider a name using your area, your name, or a feeling word. For example, Willow Way farm, or Caldwells3, or Heavenly Acres.

Question: Hi, we plan a business together with close friends. We want to raise pigs, layers, native chicken, and broilers. Any suggestions that will suit our plan?

Answer: Interestingly I just answered a similar question. I would go general because you are raising different types of animals. Also, I would avoid using the names of the people involved just in case one wants to be bought out by the others. Opt for a name that is related to your area or a specific feature on your farm/land. In the name generator you can use that as a starting point. Think of plants, geological features, and possibly historical events that took place there. These could be used in the name generator so it is specific to your place.

Good luck.

Question: I just bought a 10-acre ranch with forest. It's good for hiking and ATV riding. What would be a good name?

Answer: That will depend if you want it have it as a business or only for private use. If it was for business, then you may want to mention the hiking such as "Meadow Trails Ranch" or something related to the local area "Bluebell Way" . If it is for private use you can use your last name such as "JWatson & Sons" or "Triple L Ranch".

Question: What do you think about "Gold Poultry Farm" as a name for a farm? Can we choose that?

Answer: That would depend on where you live. If you are in the States you can check online. There are instructions in the article. If you are outside of the US then go to your local governing body to find the correct department.

It is likely that if someone else already has that name in your area, it wouldn't be allowed.

Question: I have a plant farm what, should I name it?

Answer: Your question is vague. If you only grow one type of plant and your plan is to always grow that plant, then you could use that in a name. You could also opt for a name about the area your farm is in. Have you used the Farm Name Generator in this article? Try that but don't stop there, add more personal information about your farm. Keep mixing and matching words until something sounds right. Then set it aside for a time and return to it and see if you still love the name.

Question: I am looking into teaching all ages to ride and I need a name for my little ranch. I live on 14 acres and have 4 horses. A paint, Sorrel, Dark Bay, and a Buckskin. Every name I have come up with, someone else is already using it. Can you please help?

Answer: If you use your name such as 'Barrett's Riding Center' it's likely no one will have that, unless you have a common last name. Perhaps something related to your area such as 'Pueblo Riding Stables'. You can also use one that sells the dream. 'Riding High Equestrian Stables'.

You can even choose the street you live on, for example, 'Meadow Lane Riding School'.

I hope that has given you a few ideas to consider.

Question: I live in the green hills of Western Pennsylvania- in Pittsburgh which is called the City of Bridges and Three Rivers. I have four children, and I come from Greek descent, and we have lived all over the world before settling here.

Do you have some suggestions for naming my “future business” (owning a cut-flower business) that might inspire me to work hard and fulfill my dream?

Answer: The obvious choice would be a name with flowers, or blooms in it. You will need to check locally to verify which names are already taken.

Also whether you will be selling locally or online and whether to florists or the public. If you use a phrase or name that is specific to your area, the general online buying public might not make the connection. It isn't crucial that they do but it should be an easy to remember name. If you use Bridge of Flowers, City of Flowers, River of Blooms, or Keystone Blooms the people outside Pennsylvania might not understand. You could also opt for a more generic name such as Blooming Marvelous or Farm Fresh Flowers.

Because you have traveled and decided to settle in PA, you could call it 'Done Roamin' or Perfect Place Farm.

Ideas that aren't flower related leave your farm open to performing other activities that aren't related to selling cut flowers. For example if you wanted to start a side business that is run from your farm it may not look as professional if you have a consultancy business with the address, 'Perfect Posies'.

I hope this has given you a few ideas.

Question: Can someone help with a farm name? We have four young kids live on a flat five acres. We also have goats.

Answer: I would suggest going with a family name or something specific to your area. Although you have children don't be tempted to use the word 'kid' in a name. The reason being, time passes quickly and you will soon have teens. In the future, you may or may not have goats (with kids). Choose a name that will suit your farm for years to come.

Question: I am starting up my own worm farm business but I am currently stuck on the business name. This is causing me to put my business on pause until I can figure one out. I am known to those around me for my big red truck which everyone calls Ruby so I was thinking of something like that but I am not sure. Someone gave me a few words like wild, or reckless for ideas too but I am having trouble incorporating those with a worm farm business name. What should I name my worm farm?

Answer: Perhaps we can use wild but definitely not reckless as you don't want your business branding to be considered reckless. Wild, on the other hand, sounds more natural, green, or even organic.

You mention your truck which sounds iconic. However, if you sell it or it no longer runs, that piece of your farm name is gone and new clients won't understand the connection.

You don't say whether your worms are for fishing bait or to create compost from the casings. If you plan to do both that opens up more opportunities for names. If it is for fishing bait, you can use words related to fishing. Bait, wiggler, wrigglers, etc.

If it is for soil enhancement, then words like organic, natural, nature, etc.

Here are a few. Ruby's Wrigglers, Green Valley Natural Vermi Compost, Red Wigglers, Bait master, Fisherman's friend.

Use the name generator in the article and put in either composting and garden terms or fishing words. Don't forget you can also use the Latin name for worms, Lumbricina in a name.

Question: I'm trying to figure out a farm name. We have three daughters plus chickens, goats, and a mini donkey. We also have a hayfield and a garden. We are on 14 acres in Michigan. I’d love to have something with the “3 girls” incorporated. What would be a good name for a farm that includes "3 girls"?

Answer: Using the phrase, '3 girls' could be problematic for a few reasons. It doesn't have a ring to it. However, let's see if we can think of something that will be a starting point.

I don't know your heritage but you could use

tres niñas or also an Indian word meaning daughters.

Could you make a word from their names? Here's an example.

Charlamay could by Charlotte, Lauren, Amanda.

To this, you could add the word, farm, homestead, place, etc, or just leave it as a single word.

Also, your daughters will be women and the term girls may sound belittling in the future. An empowering word in your farm's name might be suitable but you don't want it to sound dated. I would stay away from buzz words such as 'boss babes' etc. and opt for something like Trailblazers.

Using the animals in the name isn't a good idea unless you are specifically wanting to breed them for business purposes. Farms are evolving so it's important to select a name that encompasses something permanent.

Question: Can you suggest any names for domestic animals farms?

Answer: Because most farms have domestic animals, you might want to consider a name that reflects your area. In the article, I highlight some suggestions based on plants, animals, or geological features that are on or near your farm.

If you prefer not to have your family name, something specific to your location might be a good place to start.

Question: On our 25 acres, we have horses, dogs, a cat, and not sure what we will get next. I wanted to name our farm Twisted Oaks because we have a large number of oaks & they are twisted due to the winds. It’s really cool looking but unfortunately the name is already taken. Any ideas?

Answer: How about Windy Oaks, Crooked Oaks, ZigZag Oaks, or Oaks Akimbo. Then, of course, you can add on the word farm, ranch, haven, etc to the end of the phrase if you prefer.

© 2018 Mary Wickison


Mary Wickison (author) from USA on October 03, 2020:

My advice is to wait until you have your farm. Using a farmyard saying, you are putting the horse before the cart.

It sounds like it is going to be a great place to build wonderful memories.

Shell on September 03, 2020:

Our farm is a 6 acre avocado orchard in a town called Blackbutt in Queensland. Blackbutt is a type of tree. We have two little boys and we like to camp there as a family - we will sell avocados (maybe some other fruits later on) and also may let people camp there as well.

Vidit Pujara on August 28, 2020:

Hi, We are coming up with 56 Farm houses , in India and we are looking for a name where people would buy the land.

We are looking for a name which could connect with people.

Any suggestions?

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on August 26, 2020:

Hi Terry,

It sounds like an ideal place for what you plan to sell. Here are a few suggestions:

The Country Barn, The Old Red (change to actual color) Barn, Country Charm, Rustic Treasures, Barn & Yard Country Collections, Country collectibles,

Use the name generator but add words such as rustic, country, barn, homey etc. If the color is appropriate consider that as well. If you are on a road that the name could be used such as Willow Road Barn.

I hope that has give you a few ideas.

Terry on August 23, 2020:

We bought a 6-acre farm that has a barn on it that I would like to use for selling antique farm/country furniture, items, and parts. I would also like to sell wreaths, wooden fence sections, wooden planter boxes, wooden toys, and such. This property is just down the road from our home and the barn is perfect for sales and/or possibly auctions, a country venue for entertaining and for fun workshops or painting crafts and such. Our last name is Barnard and since the barn is basically the main event for this property I am thinking maybe "Barn & Company"... do you have any other ideas? Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on August 21, 2020:

Hi Tim,

Because you're going to grow a wide range of fruit and veg, I'd stay away from names associating it with just one.

Use something about the location, the view, or part of your name.

You can also use historical links if applicable although it's a good idea to make it politically correct.

Use the name generator on this page but make the words in it specific to your farm. Also consider local words, and plants.

Tim Mangal on August 20, 2020:

I am starting a farm in the mountains near the rainforest on the island of Saint Lucia. The area is called Mahaut, near the village of Micoud. I am planting citrus to include grapefruit, tangerine and oranges. There will also be plantains, bananas, avocados, dasheen, yams and other fast crops. Getting a name is becoming a bit difficult, can you assist?


Mary Wickison (author) from USA on August 10, 2020:

It depends if you want a name to reflect what you grow, part of your family name, or your location. If that isn't important to you, you can choose a name such as:

Highgrove, Windfall, Hampton, Wimberleigh.

Jai Vardhan on August 09, 2020:

Ma'am I want unique name for my my orchard like chapslee , hainault, woodville etc

Canyou suggest me names like that ....

• Required Urgently •

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on August 08, 2020:

Hi David,

I suggest you and your family use the name generator in the article and put in words specific to your place.

I agree with your wife, regarding the Green Acres actor.

From what you say, your farm is more of a lifestyle than a money generating venture. Therefore you can use 'positive emotion words'. Cozy, blessed, mirth, harmony, rollick, zany. Experiment with different word endings.

You can describe either the farm, the area, yourselves, or the period in life you are.

You can also use the fact that you escaped the city.

City Ditchers,

Because you don't allow hunting, a form of 'Safe Haven', could be relevant for both yourselves and the animals.

I hope it has given you a few avenues to think about. Keep tossing around ideas and one will be perfect.

Heather on July 23, 2020:

Hi, we are currently looking to buy more land. We have one acre now but want to move and buy more. Hopefully a little farm. We already have a vegetable garden, chickens, rooster, dog and a cat. We're simple people with a simple lifestyle. I would like to think of a name with Parsons included in it. Any suggestions?

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on July 17, 2020:

Hi Jiya,

You should go for a name that signifies your area, or a significant feature of your farm. Because you have a variety of animals instead of only one type, add the word farm or homestead to the end. For example, if your home had oak trees. White Oak Farm would be a good choice.

What on or near your farm gives character to the place and will be a long standing feature?

Use the name generator in the article but make it specific to your area.

Jiya on July 13, 2020:

My farm is full with cows hens and pigs what should I name mine?

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on July 01, 2020:

Hi Amanda,

Consider a name that represents the area. Louisiana has a rich history and will offer many opportunities. Perhaps an Indian word, or something with a French flair.

Use a translator if your French is rusty. Heavenly dream is 'rêve céleste'.

Amanda Rackley on July 01, 2020:

Hi Darcy,

I have a 12 acre farm near a river and swamp/bayou areas in Louisiana and I'm having a hard time coming up with a name. I will have horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, chicken, and quail. I need it to stand out enough so that it will be easy to market since I will be selling directly to restaurants and private owners. I am the sole owner of my property which has been a childhood dream to own a farm. Any suggestions?

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on June 26, 2020:

Hi Darcy,

I'm sorry to hear about your bulldog. I think that Double L would be a good name. Deciding to select the ending would be down to the main purpose and business of the farm. If it is going to be just a place for rescued animals, I would go for that. If you plan to ask for charitable donations to support your rescue efforts, it would also lend more credibility to your endeavors.

Darcy Bengtson on June 25, 2020:

I am purchasing a farmhouse with acreage in Tennessee for a nonprofit rescue for animals including farm animals. I had a 9 month bulldog that I rescued with congestive heart failure. I did everything I could do to get her help and keep her alive but unfortunately I lost her. I named her Olivia George but called her Livie. I want to name the rescue Livie’s Legacy but I also want to name my farm. What suggestions do you have? Double L ranch? Farm? Homestead? Rescue? I am open to any suggestions!❤️

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on June 22, 2020:

Hi Heather,

Your goal sounds amazing. With regards to a name, I think something general will be better. In essence, a name that will cover all the activities you plan to do.

Names such as The Sanctuary or Safe Haven.

However you can have something more obscure such as 'The Umbrella' because it offers protection.

Regarding your question about grants. I love that fact that you are already pro active with this. Keep asking at the local government level for help. There is so much free advice you can request. Then look at federal government options. Also consider animal feed companies, and any companies who make money from animals.

Send emails, write some articles for a local newspaper to generate interest. Also consider starting a crowdfunding campaign.

Plainfelicia on June 21, 2020:

Hello Mary,

My step sister and I are planning and working on starting a farm together. We haven’t picked a location yet but I was thinking about possibly a name that incorporates both of us. We’ve always been mistaken as sister because we look so similar so maybe “Twin Step Sisters” ranch or homestead. We also have a bunch of productions; egg, vegetable, floral, meat and honey production. We want a name that sassy and memorable. Thank you!

Heather R Barrett from Canal Fulton, Ohio on June 20, 2020:

I already posted a question before setting up an acct its under Heather. I need help with a name for my farm since im going to be doing so many different things to raise money for animal care and staff. I will be rescuing farm animals, cats and dogs if noise permits. Id like to offer dog training and a dog park. A cat cafe to have coffee with cats, cabins so families or any travelers can stay the night. The name of this farm is very important as i need to draw people in to help a cause i believe in. I do not wamt to use my name because children have different last name amd i plan on remarrying someday. PLEASE HELP!

Also ive been searching for grants i know there are grants for women farmers , starting non profits, and even for a place that will provide jobs for others. I live in Ohio they are big on helping farmers get started around here. I can't seem to find ones i can request an application or apply for. If anyome has any suggestions please feel free to offer advice thank you and the animals thank you as we.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on May 29, 2020:

Hi Angela,

I understand you want a different name although as you say, River Oaks would suit it.

I had never heard of that Navidad River so I Googled it.

It has a rich history so you could use that information. Bigfoot or Wildman could be included into the name of your farm.

Since your river fills Lake Texana you could use a phrase like, Texana Source or Font of Texana.

You also could included Spanish, German, or Indian words in your farm's name.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on May 18, 2020:

Hi Imran,

Champion Farms, The 3 Fs (fast flyers farm), Homeward Bound,Fancy Flyers, Dovecote Racers, Loftier Lot Farms . You could also add your area or name to the word pigeon, farm, or Columba.

Imran Khan on May 18, 2020:

Hi, can you please suggest me a name for my racing pigeon farm. Thank.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on May 16, 2020:

Hi Anne,

Use the name generator that is on this page but put in words that are specific to your farm and area.

Also try variations of your surname, perhaps livestock (if you specialize), or geological features that are nearby.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on May 12, 2020:

Hi Nancy,

Start with a thesaurus, (they are online). If you begin with the word 'growing' it will give you other ideas. Cultivating, blossoming,flourish, become etc. Then add words about happiness, development, joy, etc.

Basically a word about expansion or increasing and then a feeling word.

Angela on May 10, 2020:

We have just bought 22 acres outside a small German community in Texas.There are many, many large pin oaks and live oaks and the very short Navidad River runs through the

property “River Oaks” would be perfect, but that’s where we live in Houston! Please help

nancy d. on May 04, 2020:

Hi Mary, I am also from the surrounding areas of Fresno. I would like to start a farm that benefits adults with special needs. My daughter is developmentally disabled so I would like to create a place where her and her friends can learn about animals and farming. Perhaps we can grow crops to sell at farmers markets and earn some income. It seems like every name I choose is taken. "Growing Hope" " Growing Joy" I just can't seem to come up with a name. :(

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on May 03, 2020:

Hi Deana,

I'm originally from Fresno so I know what you mean about those views. I loved seeing the mountains covered in snow on a crisp winters day.

I'm guessing you have already considered, 'Just around the curve' as a potential name. The reason it would be a great name, is it is intriguing and when your customers ask about the name, they are engaged in your story. Engaged customers will return and also share your story with others.

Other names could be using Spanish or American Indian names or words. Also consider where the road leads to in the mountains. Can you see a specific peak from your place?

Also consider what is growing around you. Are you near the Blossom Trail?

Think of Almond, grapes, peaches, etc. Use the word generator in the article to insert fruit, landscape, and foreign words specific to your area.

Although your home is known as 'just around the curve', coming the other way, it would be 'Ahead of the curve'.

Anne on April 29, 2020:

My family and I our looking for a good name but cannot find one that suits our farm.

Deana R on April 26, 2020:

We just bought 4 acres with 2 homes located at the base of the central California foothills. A large 1940s and an older simple bungalow, both fixer uppers. Beautiful views. Somewhat iconic as people of the surrounding area know the large house well as being the house “just around the curve”. It’s our dream to sell fresh goods at the roadside. Any suggestions? We would like something “different”.

Daisy on January 20, 2020:

Thank you so much for this article. Am just about to start my farm the name was one of the hardest things to come up with.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on January 02, 2020:

To be honest with you, I'm having trouble. I would like to pass on my condolences for the loss of your brother and his family.

I would say that now is not the best time to make that decision. Although you want to show your gratitude by including their surname as part of your farm, in the future, you may wish a different name as it becomes 'your farm'.

In your hearts they will always hold a special place that helped you fulfill your dream of owning a farm. Because you mention, that the farm is your, "piece of heaven". Perhaps that is the name, or a 'piece from heaven'.

I wish you and your family all the best.

Diana Van Kleeck on January 01, 2020:

We just bought 29 acre farm. We will be getting cows, horses, chicken, etc. we have 2 ponds. Out little bit of heaven. This was all made possible due to the loss of my brother and his family, whom we love and miss very much. Their last name was Short. Is there a name you could think of that would flow.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on December 09, 2019:

Hi Lisa,

If you're wanting to incorporate either of those in the name, something like, The Old Peach Farm, or Heritage Peach Farm. Obviously the same could be done for apple. The Old Orchard would also work.

Lisa on December 07, 2019:

I am redoing my old barn. It used to be a peach and apple orchard. I may want to use it as a venue or just for family events. Any suggestions?

Mukesh Godara on October 18, 2019:

I have built my farm three segment finance, logistics, vegetables & milk onlone delivery

Please suggest a name of my farm

Cherie Herndon on September 08, 2019:

We just bought a 90 acre farm in Virginia. We are trying to find a name that works for us. We have open meadows, wildlife galore, and a creek running throughout the acreage. We also have the Virginia Creeper Trail running through the back of our property. We have thought of some, but can't decide. Please help!

Ramona Auld on September 07, 2019:

Purchased 10 acres in Williams Az and it's located on the side of the mountain so yes it's very hilly. No one can build behind us because the mountain that we partially own it way to steep. Our view is amazing and we can see the rim of the Grand Canyon and the near by Red Lake. We are almost finished building our retirement home on the property and currently have chickens but plan on getting our horses and a few steer. We can not come up with a name. He keeps coming up with stuff from the movie Lonesome Dove but nothing really fits. It could be Ranch or Farm.

Besarien from South Florida on August 23, 2019:

I love your farm name generator. A friend of ours used to live at Funny Farm on Whit's End Road. It was just a house with a sense of humor, though, not an actual farm.

Thabiso on July 30, 2019:

My area is around mountains can you please help me with the name

Janie Amstutz on June 12, 2019:

I own 14 acres and have 4 horses. I am looking into teaching all ages how to care for, and ride horses. I am having a hard time coming up with a name for our little ranch. Names that I pick out someone is already using. All 4 horses are different colors. I have an American Paint, Sorrel Quarter Horse, Dark Bay, Quarter/ Morgan cross (we think) and a Buckskin. Can you please help me come up with a great name that no one else is using.


Mary Wickison (author) from USA on June 12, 2019:

I think you're nearly there with the name. If you say the name without the word 'the' at the beginning it sounds much better.

Deer Pond Farm, Happy Deer Acres, Deer's Abound, Wild Stag Way, White Tail Acres,

Remember you can use words related to deer as well. Stag, white-tail, roe, buck, etc.

Although you want to encompass everything about your farm, sometimes, less is more.

Rachel Brubaker Stevens on June 11, 2019:

I am stuck. We have tried to name our property, something clever, but nothing is sticking. We are in a residential area, but on 2 acres with a barn, and now a fish pond, but the visiting deer are the main attraction. My husband calls me the corn lady because I always feed them corn and other snacks. My names seem boring and I'd like some character, flair, in the name! Help. "The Happy Deer Farm/Ranch" "The Deer Pond Farm/Ranch" The Ravenous Deer Farm/Ranch" Just not sure....

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on May 23, 2019:

I think those are great. They are easy to understand and creative. I also don't think anyone will already have them. Well done.

Gina on May 22, 2019:

We just bought 12 acres to homestead

I like



Welcomehome stead

Well you get it anyway

I’ll probably write it out better I like.... Welcome Homestead

Ankita Trehan on April 27, 2019:

Hi... we have purchased a land and our weekend home is being constructing there.... we are in our mid 40s and it may be our abode after retirement... need a unique name... may be in French or Roman

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on April 23, 2019:

Now that wasn't something I thought of but what a good idea. Let me know when you write it (or them) and tell me what you decided on.

Penny Leigh Sebring from Fort Collins on April 23, 2019:

This is a very inclusive article! I'm bookmarking it in case I need a farm name for one of my books or stories.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on February 25, 2019:

It does sound ideal. There are just a few cautions I would make. Farms evolve and develop and although a farm may currently be having sheep, horses, and chickens that doesn't mean you'll always have those. Since you believe this will be your last move, you want to pick a name that will take you a long time into the future.

I also have noticed that many people tie their professions or hobbies into a name. In your case you mention photography. Although it sounds like it could be used as part of name, perhaps it shouldn't. If you plan to build a business with clients coming to your farm to use it as a background then by all means use it. However if that doesn't pan out and it becomes a just a hobby do you still want to have your farm named after it?

Regarding the land being shape like an hourglass, I personally like the sound of Hourglass Farm. It is one that represents the land and would be acceptable by another owner if you do decide to sell.

Michelle on February 23, 2019:

We recently purchased a 21 acre farm. It is a multi purpose farm from raising sheep for fiber/wool, horses, chickens..will be selling organic eggs and also starting with aeroponics soon and growing mushrooms. I'm a professional photographer so the farm will also be a backdrop for photgraphy. If you look at the property on the map it is shaped like an hour glass. I have racked my brain coming up with a name that is unique. We are both in our 50's and this is our final place, our reprieve , our serendipity, our utopia. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .

Haroon on February 23, 2019:

I work for a packaging company having alot of land in their factory. We r planning to utilise 1 acre for vegetable farming for factory eatable rather purchasing from outside. We want to name the farm which can attract the employees and give them the feeling of eating something they are growing on their own. Appreciate if you could suggest some creative ideas

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on February 22, 2019:

Hi Marlene,

Glad you like the name generator, you can see that it can create a wide range of options. Of course you can add to each section depending on your own farm or homestead's specific situation.

We also have a brook that runs along one border but ours is seasonal. I do like the name Brookside Farms though.

Thanks for your comment.

Marlene Bertrand from USA on February 21, 2019:

Your farm name generator is the most fantastic tool ever. My husband and I have a brook that runs through the back side of our property and so we named it Brookside Farms. It's simple. But, I may visit your farm name generator to see if we can come up with something more exciting. Thank you for your very valuable information.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on February 13, 2019:

A simple name that says your location, and what you do will work best. Indus River Camping or (campground).

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on February 13, 2019:

I would suggest naming it after a local species of bird. This can then have farm, homestead, haven, hideaway etc at the end.

Tundup on February 09, 2019:

Hi I have tourist camping ⛺️ in a valley known as Aryan valley just on the bank of river Indus...I need good and easy name for it

vanathishri on February 07, 2019:

i have a farm near bird sanctuary surrounded by paddy . please suggest a name for my beautiful land

Colleen on January 31, 2019:

What qualifies a Farm or Homestead?

David65326 on January 09, 2019:

Hello, My wife and I own 60 acres in central Missouri. I always said when I retired I was going to buy a farm and I did. We mainly have it for the grand kids to play on and for our peace and privacy away from the big city. Not really serious farmers. That being said we do have about 35 chickens 2 peacocks 1 goat 3 mini horses 3 full size horses 2 dogs. Our farm used to be a cattle ranch but we are not interested in cattle. Our animals are more pets than farm animals.Our mini horses think they are dogs. We picked out a couple names for our farm only to find out that there already was a farm by that name. We do not allow hunting on our farm so we have an abundance of deer and wild turkey. Originally we called the farm Hummingbird farms because of the abundant hummingbirds in the summer. Alas there is one we have discovered 50 miles south of us. I grew up watching the TV show Green acres but my wife wont let me name it the "Oliver Wendell Douglas Memorial Farm" Suggestions?

Reyaan on December 29, 2018:

Please chose name for my dairy farm my dairy farm is constructed in agriculture land out side from village

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on November 11, 2018:

They both sound like ideal names. Very appropriate to your farm's location. on November 11, 2018:

Hi my farm is at the Hill top,that every body can view from a far,so i want

to want to name it HORIZONE FARM or CIRCLE FARM

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on August 04, 2018:

I'm glad you enjoyed it Rajan. A good name makes a farm a home.

Thanks for reading and the share.

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on July 11, 2018:

A very useful article with great ideas for naming a farm and the farm name generator is a boon. Thank you and I will be saving this article and sharing it too.

Jeff Reed on June 25, 2018:

Great article. I have recently bought a farm and was thinking about a name. I am currently renovating the 1950s farmhouse and it is a very demanding job. It will be a year before I actually finish so I have plenty of time to come up with a name.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on May 17, 2018:

There are so many names you could choose from. Try to add the 'fresh' or 'farm fresh', healthy, organic, harvest, natural, nature.

You need to be careful that you don't use the name of an already established business. Check with the trademarks in your country.

aakareem on May 12, 2018:

I'm going to start a business in selling organic and natural food. Please help for a store name of organic food.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on April 11, 2018:

If not a farm or ranch, how about a homestead or 'patch of paradise'? Even if you don't 'officially' name it, a plaque or sign can add a sense of place and give it character.

Thanks for your comment.

Jo Miller from Tennessee on April 11, 2018:

Our place does not really qualify as a farm or ranch (too small) but I've often thought about naming it.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on April 08, 2018:

Hi FlourishAnyway,

I'm glad you liked it. I enjoyed doing the quiz, it made me stop and think about how important farms are in literature and in television and films. Although there are fewer people now on farms, there is still a longing for the simple farm life.

Thanks for your comment, have a wonderful week.

FlourishAnyway from USA on April 08, 2018:

This was so fun! I have a farm name. Now all I need is a farm! I especially enjoyed that quiz. I wish more people would do well-placed quizzes like this one.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on April 08, 2018:

Hi Stephen,

I'm glad you liked it, I thought that farm name generator would get people thinking. There are so many great names out there and I think it gives a farm personality.

Great to hear from you, have a great week.

Stephen Barnes from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador on April 08, 2018:

Being a city boy I was kind of surprised when I first saw the title of this article. I was thinking ‘is this really an issue, picking a good farm name’? However, it only took a moments thought for me to realize that the farms I visit, or buy fresh produce from all have names, and the ones with the best names are the ones that came to mind first. I was intrigued, and had to read on.

It was a very entertaining read, I enjoyed it a great deal. I also had a lot of fun with the farm name generator, even though I have no farm to name.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on April 07, 2018:

I think the new name has much more personality. I'm sure that story is interesting.

What's stopping you from naming your place? In the UK, there are homes and cottages with names.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful weekend.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on April 07, 2018:

Our son's farm is called Lost Peacock Creamery...long story involved...they changed it from The Farmstead....I like the new change, and it goes with one of your suggestions. I wish I had a farm to name. :)

Happy Weekend Mary!

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on April 06, 2018:

Hi Mary,

What a lovely name for a farm that would be. It sounds so bright and happy. I imagine she is thrilled with her results.

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on April 06, 2018:

My niece has started planting fields of sunflowers in our farm and are doing very well that now people call our place the Sunflower Farm.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on April 06, 2018:

Hi Louise,

Living on a farm, I think puts life into perspective. Things that once seemed important are no longer even thought about.

I'm glad you enjoyed the list.

Thanks for reading.

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on April 06, 2018:

Hi Cynthia,

It sounds like your area is similar to ours. My neighbors give me plants, lemons, soursop and various other plants and in return, they fish in our lake. It is more of a community atmosphere. I think everyone needs to pitch in to keep a community, especially in rural areas together.

You did well on that quiz, I thought it was rather tricky.

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on April 06, 2018:

I'd love to live on a farm. There's some lovely names there.

Cynthia Hoover from Newton, West Virginia on April 06, 2018:

Loved taking the quiz! Scored 100% my husband would have been proud. We actually still watch some of the famous farm shows mentioned! We have yet to name our farm. We have struggled to come up with something fitting simply because we give away or donate rather than sell the crops and eggs we grow. We live in a very poor area, and I prefer to share the wealth so to speak with those in the area that may really appreciate the free eggs and other items we can offer. We farm for the enjoyment rather than any income. Very enjoyable read, and I have a few ideas to name our farm now!

Mary Wickison (author) from USA on April 06, 2018:

Hi Larry,

That sounds like a great name. It also sounds like you love fishing, I hope you still get the chance to do some fishing from time to time.

Great to hear from you, thanks for reading.

Larry W Fish from Raleigh on April 06, 2018:

Mary, I don't own a farm. I live in an apartment. I grew up a country boy many years ago and I miss the country life. If I had a farm I would name it,

Trout Acres.

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