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50 Cute Frozen Yogurt Shop Names

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What should you name your fro-yo shop?

What should you name your fro-yo shop?

Frozen Yogurt Is All the Rage

Frozen yogurt shops have been popping up around the country at an alarming rate!

If you have a passion for frozen treats, are looking for a way to invest your savings, and have good people skills, consider opening your very own shop to join in on the fro-yo craze!

Tips for Naming Your Yogurt Shop

Naming a business, especially one that is considered hot right now, is very important in attracting customers to your doors and away from the competing stores around. Just how can a name do this though

There are many elements to consider when choosing a business name, and here are a few that will help you sift through all of the frozen yogurt shop names that will come to mind:

  • Catchy: Every business should have a catchy name, but especially a place that sells dessert items! You can have a catchy name by using rhymes, puns, and just making sure the name has a nice flow.
  • Hip: Since frozen yogurt places are the hip place to meet right now, make it sound like a place where people want to hang out for a few hours (and spend some money)! Even simply incorporating the “hip” name frozen yogurt shops have earned, “fro-yo,” can give your business name a good boost!
  • Location: If you plan on doing a lot of advertising (and you totally should!) then somehow incorporating the location into the name can help people find you! Sure, you might not stay at that location forever, and your business might even grow to a few locations, but regardless, the place you start will always be an important part of your history.
  • Type of business: Nothing says “frozen yogurt” like “frozen yogurt” or “fro-yo,” so be sure to make it clear in your name just what you are serving up behind those windows with all the pretty lights!
  • Brandable: One major part of making a business is creating one that is brandable if you plan on staying successful for years to come. Brandable means people will begin to recognize you without even seeing or hearing your name, perhaps just seeing your logo or mascot!

Now for a list of example frozen yogurt shop names to get those gears turning!

Ice Age Frozen Yogurt

18 Degrees Yogurt Shop

Wicked Cold Creamery

Acropolis Greek Frogurt

Twisted Vanilla Frozen Treats

King Froyo

Neapolitan Yogurt Co.

Fudge Mountain Froyo


Mrs. Sprinkles

Banana Splitters

The Sweet Tooth

Rocky Road Yogurt Shop

Sweet Tooth Yogurt Shoppe

Chilly Treats Creamery & Yogurt Shop

The Sugar Fairy Froyo


Sugar Plums

Brain Freeze Frozen Yogurt

North Pole Yogurt Shoppe

Frozen Spoons

The Magic Handle Frozen Yogurt

Gumdrops FroYo Shoppe

Creamy Dreams

Mixits Gourmet Yogurt

Butterscotch's Ice Cream & Frogurt

The Yogurt Shoppe

All Smiles Frozen Yogurt


Kiwiberry Frogurt Bar

Frozen Corner Cones

YaYa Yogurt

Scoopz Frozen Yogurtz

Always Summer FroYo

Club FroYo

FroYo 365

Polar Bear Yogurt Bar

Beach Bumz Froyo Bar

The Ice Patch

Yummy Yogurt

Snowballs Yogurt Bar

Arctic Delight

Yo-Yo FroYo

Cone Heads Frozen Yogurt

Sprinkles on Top

FroYo Wizard

Yoconut Frozen Yogurt

Icicles Frozen Yogurt Shop

Two Sisters Froyo

Indulgence Gourmet FroYo

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Opening a Fro-Yo Shop

Frozen yogurt places have a reputation for having delicious treats, including a variety of frozen yogurt and a topping bar, modern decor with colorful LED lights, and a good, convenient location.

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Your first steps should be looking into the proper licensing and permitting required to run such a business, making sure to check with the local Department of Health and your state’s Division of Corporations. You will also likely need some kind of business permit through your county or city depending on your location, so check there, too!

Speaking of location, FroYo places need to be in busy locations as people usually drop into them during shopping excursions or for dessert after a meal. Once people know you’re there and have decided that they love what you have to offer, that will be your more steady customer base. Location is definitely key!

Also, if you haven’t yet, it’s a good idea to begin looking for a good supplier for your frozen yogurt as this will be the flavor of your business that keeps people wanting more! Don’t be afraid to ask for samples if you will be dropping a pretty penny to buy their product for your store. If you need leads for the equipment to dispense the goods, ask the supplier for recommendations.

Open for Business

Now that you have read through the list of frozen yogurt shop names, I bet you have a lot of your own ideas coming to mind!

No matter where you go, up until you figure out the name, keep a notepad and pen handy to be writing down those name ideas!

Oh, and if you need some inspiration, just indulge in the treat and maybe it will spark a few more ideas for you. Taste the success lingering over you!

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