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50 Cute Ice Cream Shop Names

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Tips for starting your own ice cream shop.

Tips for starting your own ice cream shop.

Names for Ice Cream Shops

On hot, sunny days, one of the first ideas that pops into someone’s head is: “This is a great day for ice cream!” Even though every day is a good day for ice cream, summertime is definitely peak season.

But if you are one of the few with an undying love for the dessert that follows you through even the coldest of winters, then maybe owning an ice cream shop is your calling!

Imagine the smiles on kids’ faces when you hand them ice cream cones topped three scoops high and covered in sprinkles; picture all of the families gathered together and having a great time in the environment you provided! Sounds like a pleaser, yes?

Opening a new business is never an easy task, but the incentive of ice cream should make the process more palatable! For a business like this, it is definitely best to plan your business start date near the beginning of peak season to allow for the busiest grand opening event.

This will not only give your new business a good head start but hopefully help establish a good enough customer base to get you through the off-season months.

Ice cream store name ideas

Ice cream store name ideas

Ideas for Ice Cream Shop Names

What's the Scoop?

The Dreamery Creamery

Banana Splitz

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream Parlor

Sundae Funday

Utterly Ice Cream

Ice Cream Fundae

Dipsy Do's Softserve

Cold Cones Ice Cream

Magic Cone Ice Cream

The Waffle Bowl

The Magic Slab

The Waffle Cone

Happy Cones

Cherry on Top

The Dixie Pixie Creamery

The Cheery Cherry

Farmer's Ice Cream

Nuts Please! Creamery

Pink's Ice Cream Parlor

The Creamery

The Drippity Cone

Ice Cream CONEction

Scoops n' Smiles

32 Below

Feelin' Nutty Ice Cream

A La Mode

A Bit Nutty Ice Cream

Off the Stick Creamery

Sprinkles Sundae Shop

Quaker Slate Ice Cream

Dairy Goddess

The Ice House

The Ice Cream Shuffle

Freezing Point Ice Cream

Milk It Ice Cream

Booza Cone

The Vanilla Bean Creamery


Blue Skies Ice Cream

Kustard Kones

Sunnyville Creamery

Custard Creamery

Utterly Delicious Ice Cream

Dream Cones

The Frozen Spoon

Dream Cream

Icicles Creamery

Two Scoops Ice Cream Shop

Cherry on Top Ice Cream Shop

Tips for Naming Your Shop

One of the things you have to consider when opening any new business is what you will call it. Here are a few ideas to help you think of ice cream shop names:

  • Use the food: This is one of those “duh” moments. Using types of ice cream desserts in the name is a way to get your customers drooling before they even enter your doors!
  • Adjectives: What better way to let people know just how delicious your ice cream is than by describing it?
  • Use your name: If you are the owner, why not? Be proud, you entrepreneur, you!
  • Use your location: Maybe you won’t be at the same location 10 years from now, but that’s okay because it will always be a part of your business’s history!
  • Rhyme: Find a way to add a rhyme to your business name—it can help the name stick with your customers!

When you are trying to think of ice cream shop names, think about what type of names would draw you into an ice cream shop as a consumer. What sounds appealing? What would push you away?

How to Choose

Notice any patterns? Many of these names put forth the impression that this place is a happy place to be, the ice cream is tasty, and that it’s just an all-around great idea to come in!

Sometimes a good name is just difficult to decide on, though, which is okay because some other ideas can help:

  • Ice cream social: Have an ice cream naming party, make it an open house, and invite your whole community! This will also help to get the word out that your shop is coming to town!
  • Flip a coin: Flipping a coin is an easy problem solver if you are stuck between two names.
  • Take a vote: Using social media is a great way to ask the opinions of others. If you have a few different names, ask people to vote on their favorite!

Coming up with an ice cream shop name might be quite the rocky road, but you’ll get there!

Find the right name for your ice cream store!

Find the right name for your ice cream store!

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