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50 Landscaping Company Names

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The name of your landscaping company is the first impression customers will have of what your business offers—so choose a good one!

The name of your landscaping company is the first impression customers will have of what your business offers—so choose a good one!

Landscaping Business Names

Landscapers are the elves of Mother Earth, giving her life, keeping her beautiful, and healing her wounds. In return, the earth gives high doses of Vitamin D and a way to earn a living. It seems like quite a beneficial relationship! If professional landscaping is something you are interested in, read on!

A Good Name Is Important

Having professional-level equipment and excellent service can help you land some clients—but you'll need something that will lure them in first so they can experience what your company has to offer. And what better way to do this than to have a great business name?

Your name is the first impression you will make on a potential customer, and it could mean the difference between them choosing you or your competitor. Since most regions have lots of different landscaping companies, you're going to face some stiff competition. You need something that will set you above the rest right off the bat. Your business needs to sound professional as well as unique and catchy!

Here's a list of 50 names to help you get some inspiration.

50 Landscape Name Ideas

Morning Dew Lawn Care

Lawn Salon Landscapers

The Yardist

The Lawn Barber

Kleen Kut Landscape Company

Green King Landscaper

4 Seasons Landscapers

Green Queens Landscape Company

Green Thumb Landscapers

Grow With the Flow Landscapers

Simple Life Landscaping

Larry's Lawn Maintenance

Rooted Landscaping Company

Morning Glory Landscapers

Backyard Services

Mother Earth Yard Service

Sacred Garden Landscapers

Mother Nature's Landscapers

Plant the Seed Landscapers

The Green Goddess

U-Grow We Mow Landscaping

Mow 4 Dough

Weed Whacked Landscapers

All Grown Up Landscaping

Grass Ninjas

Touch of Life Landscaping

Chop Chop Landscaping

Green Leaves Landscapers

Landscapers Unlimited

Green Earth Landscapes

Grass Gone Wild

Pastures Landscaping

Sunshine Landscapers

Green Acres Lawn Service

See Weeds Landscaping

Blades of Glory Landscaping

Where the Sun Shines Landscapers

Cut Masters Mowing Service

A New Life Landscaping Company

MowTown Landscapers

Amazin' Grazin' Landscaping

Mayflower Lawn Service

Rain or Shine Landscaping

MayShowers Landscapers

Green IQ Lawn Services

The Lawn Fairy

Weed Out Landscapers

Grow n' Glow Landscapers

Yard Art Landscapers

Green Gardeners

Think about your specializations and your region when brainstorming a good landscaping name.

Think about your specializations and your region when brainstorming a good landscaping name.

Brainstorming Tips

When brainstorming, keep the following in mind:

  • Use your industry: Have a name that indicates what type of company you are, even if you don't say it directly.
  • Use your specialty: If you specialize in something specific such as landscape design, make this clear since it can help you attract a different set of customers.
  • Use rhymes: Rhymes just have this way of sticking in someone’s head, and the stickier your name, the better!
  • Use your own name: You own this company, right? Be proud! There is nothing wrong with that. Bonus points if there is a clever way to squeeze it in.
  • Use your location: Your town or street name could be a good source of identity and inspiration. Be sure it doesn't limit you, however. Who knows where you'll grow!
  • Keep it simple: Your first or last name + Landscaping is a great name for a company.
Know what you want to offer your clients through your work.

Know what you want to offer your clients through your work.

Other Things to Consider

A few more questions to ask yourself when thinking of your name:

  • Is it brandable? You’re competing with some top-dog companies for the spotlight.
  • Does it have the green light online? Check for available web domains and social networking pages to see how common the name is.
  • Does it really stand out? Keep in mind your local competition and steer clear of any names that sound similar.
  • Is it easy for the average person to spell and pronounce? This will help your name be memorable.
  • What are the most popular or biggest landscaping companies in your region called? Use them as examples of what works.

Now that you know what to look for in a name, it’s time for you to start making a list of your own. Write down 100 names, and don't stop until you do! Let some of them be bad. It's okay. It's all part of the process.

Deciding On a Business Name

After you’ve made a list of potential names, you will then begin to chop and hack away at it to narrow it down to the ones that are really good.

Ask for help if you are the indecisive type; you might be surprised at the ideas in the heads of others! And let’s face it—people are pretty opinionated, and this is a time when you really want peoples’ true opinions.

If all else fails, find inspiration in your work, whether it’s cutting grass or planting a new garden. It just might plant the seed that you need to grow a few ideas!

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Hello, everyone im tring to think of a name for my business starting spring of 2015. I'm a professional Landscaper and im a professional home Improvement what will be Cathy name for them two combine. Any suggestions will be appeciate it and thank you

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