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11 Ways To Make Money From Fishing

Updated on January 30, 2017
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Having met with business owners both locally and internationally, I bring fresh ideas to help you generate more income.

Make Money Fishing
Make Money Fishing | Source

Earn Money From Fishing

It is said, do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life. There is a lot of truth in that but how many of us can say what we do to earn a living is something we enjoy? It is too easy to get caught on that treadmill of life and once on it, you can't get off because there are bills which need paying and a family who need feeding.

But what if there was a way? The idea for this article came to me, when I was standing by our lake fishing. I was thinking if it would be possible for a person who loved fishing to make a living from it, and guess what, there are people doing just that.

Some of these ideas require an investment but others are virtually free to begin implementing. Let's take a look at some of the avenues which are open to people who would rather be baiting a hook than dealing with a boss.

Sport Fishing
Sport Fishing | Source

1. Deep Sea Sports Fishing Business

Deep sea fishing is possibly the most exciting fishing sport. Whether you're fishing for marlin, swordfish, tuna, or sharks the thrill is long, hard, and lasts a lifetime. The screeching of the reel as the line is pulled tight and the fish begins to pull. The feel of the strap holding them into the chair, these are the things your customer is going to remember.

To make money from this you will either need to own a boat or charter one to use to take paying customers on their deep sea fishing adventure. You will also need specialist knowledge of the most likely places to catch the big ones. A fish finder will also help with this.

The boat will need to have all the necessary documentation, insurance, and safety equipment on board. If you are not qualified to skipper a boat with paying passengers, there will be people you can hire who hold the correct qualifications. This, of course, will eat into your profits so it is best to become qualified yourself if this is going to become a full-time occupation. Your local marina will be able to give you details of classes in your area.

Tying Fishing Flies
Tying Fishing Flies | Source
Fishing Business Cards
Fishing Business Cards | Source

2. Tying Fishing Flies

I am amazed at some of the artificial flies I have seen. If you can tie flies which can tantalize a trout, then you should consider doing this. Places to sell would be either in bait and tackle stores or online through your own website or sites such as Ebay. Fishermen are always looking for 'that edge ' which will bag them the big one. The advantage of this type of business is the start up cost is low.

Catching Bass
Catching Bass | Source

3. Bass Fishing Guides

Do you know the secret spots where bass hang out? Can you act as a guide for those wishing to go after them? This can be either in your boat or one which is rented. People who are on vacation may not know the lake and will pay someone like you to take them out. If they are on a tight schedule and only have a week's vacation, they don't want to spend it searching for fish, they want to catch them!

Promote yourself on your website, or in forums discussing the lake you know. It only takes a few people to hire your services before word of mouth advertising kicks in and you have yourself an enjoyable part time business. Beginning this type of business will require the time it takes to set up a website or time on the forums.

4. Fishing Contests and Competitions

If you are the competitive type, consider entering fishing contests. Many of these will offer cash prizes or sporting goods, which are always useful. The winner is determined by the largest fish caught or by the weight of the total catch of the day. Check local news and sporting shops in your area and also online. National competitions will offer the biggest prize pool but will incur traveling costs.

5. Fish Breeding

When we were farming tilapia, we bought our fish fry when they were 30-50 grams. The company did nothing else than supply young tilapia. In fact we know one fish farmer who changed from farming tilapia to breeding, as it was more profitable and less hassle. The outlay for food is much less as is the need for space.

The requirements are tanks which are aerated and have fresh water circulating. Tilapia are quite robust and can withstand a wide range of temperatures but thrive best in 72-90°F. Depending on the number required, these can be sold in plastic bags filled with air, or as we had, delivered by truck with tanks filled with compressed air. When done this way, extra fish are given as there is an expected 10% mortality rate.

Breeding Tropical Fish
Breeding Tropical Fish | Source

6. Breeding Tropical Fish for Aquariums

As with breeding for fish farmers, there is money to be made from breeding aquarium fish or fish for ponds. These could be anything from guppies to goldfish to koi carp.

Sell to pet shops or find customers by using local advertising. Multiple aquariums with air is what you'd need to start this business.

7. Breeding and Selling Bait.

Angling is one, if not the most popular pastime and all of those fishermen need bait. Consider breeding and selling it. These can include worms, maggots, and crickets. You can sell them directly to anglers or to bait shops. The startup costs will be next to nothing as breeding stock can be sourced from the local environment. Styrofoam or plastic containers are excellent for the worms or maggots. For crickets, I have purchased them in small cages which were refilled at the bait shop each time.

8. Fish and Pay

If you have lakes on your property, consider stocking it and using it as a leisure area where people fish and if they catch anything they pay a set price depending on the weight. There is another option to this where people come to fish in the ponds and pay either for the day, or a yearly membership. This is very popular in the UK, and is strictly catch and release. Mostly this is for carp and many people will camp overnight as well.

9. Fishing Videos

If you have a likable disposition and are passionate about fishing, you could do very well making fishing videos. I will admit to watching these on You Tube and let me tell you, some are better than others. If you can give advice to other anglers about what works for you and keep it entertaining, you should seriously consider this as a way of making money from fishing. By putting ads on the video (You Tube does this for you) you could make money. This could also be a great way to advertise your services as a 'fish finder' or guide.

10. Clearing Fish From Lakes

If a lake has too many predators such as pike, these will need to be cleared. Sometimes they can decimate the numbers of other fish in the lake which will affect the number of fishermen who go there. This in turn affects the small businesses such as guesthouses, restaurants and sports and tackle shops in the vicinity. In essence, if the lake is the main pull of tourists to an area, too many predators in a lake can kill the community. This is why a decision would have to be taken to net the lake to remove these fish. It is estimated that clearing the lake can never remove all the unwanted fish. In my research, I have read 30% of the fish could still remain so there will always be a need for this service. The items needed will depend on the size and depth of the lake. Nets, manpower and possibly a boat if it is a large lake.

11. Public Speaking or Teaching

When anglers aren't fishing, their favorite pastime is talking about fishing. There are many people who love to listen to stories about fishing adventures or instructions on how to do something better. As with the videos, if you have a positive and outgoing personality public speaking around the topic of fishing could earn you extra cash.

There are many places who are looking for public speakers, and once you get known as an entertaining and enjoyable one, you will be booked frequently. Whether you opt to show slides or video to enliven your presentation or teach a class how to tie fishing flies, you can gear your topic to your audience.

It isn't just adults but also lessons or talks with kids about the fine art of fishing. A class such as the correct way to tie on a hook and weights and explaining the importance of checking your equipment. Just imagine how much fun could be had with a dozen or so kids casting trying to hit a bucket as a target.

More Options

Although the above ideas are about catching, or selling your services to make money from fish and fishing there is still more to be made from them. Let's now take a look at these options.

Smoking Fish
Smoking Fish | Source

Drying Fish and Smoking Fish

For conserving and consuming later, or to sell as dried fish. In many parts of the world drying fish is commonplace.

There is another use which we do here on our farm when we net and have a glut of fish. We dry the small ones in the sun and use this in the garden. Fish meal is an excellent source of nutrients for the plants. I put our dried fish in my food processor with the chopping blade. This we put around our coconut trees and in our vegetable patch. Many nurseries sell this but it is easy to make your own.

I hope these ways of making money from fishing have sparked an interest and given you some ideas of your own to get you started. Whether you choose to do this as a full time occupation or simply to earn some extra money doing something you enjoy, there are avenues open to you.

Good luck and here's hoping the big one doesn't get away.

Ice Fishing
Ice Fishing | Source


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    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 6 months ago from Europe

      Oh, when I saw the title in my e-mail, I thought you meant how to make money from internet fishing! :) LOL

      Well crafted, interesting article, Mary.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 6 months ago from Olympia, WA

      This is one of those articles that has the potential to have a lot of views. There are a lot of fishermen out there, so it will be interesting to see how this content article does. Well done, Mary!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Isaac Weithers 6 months ago from The Caribbean

      Quite an original topic, I think, and great suggestions. I would pay to get on an excursion fishing boat and pay a the price includes the loan of fishing gear to use. Did it once and have been longing to do it again.

    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 6 months ago from Potter County, Pa.

      You have some good ideas, Mary. My son and grandson love to fish.

    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 6 months ago from Brazil

      Hi Dora,

      When I was about 12, I went deep sea fishing as part of a family reunion. There was a friendly competition on the boat and everyone put in a dollar as a prize pool. Well that day was rather choppy and many of the other fishermen were feeling queasy. I just took a wider stamce and kept fishing. When it was time to weigh the fish, one of mine was the biggest. I had won $32, and after that, you could say.....I was hooked! LOL

      You should go out, some of the best places are on your doorstep.

      Thanks for reading today.

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 months ago from UK and Mexico

      Hi...that's Phishing, Buildreps!

      I used to love mainly sea fishing, Mary, but I find I cannot stand to take the lives of the beautiful creatures who live in the oceans any more. I'm a hypocrite, because I still buy fish to eat and hardly eat red meat these days. We are all hypocrites I suppose as we consume animal protein and put out of our minds the torture and despair these wonderful, peaceful creatures suffer on the roads and in the slaughter houses. My small ambition at the moment is to acquire a small farm and keep a cow, sheep, pigs and chickens and let them die natural deaths as they were all supposed to...I suppose it will remain a dream...

      Interesting article though not for me

      Bob x

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 6 months ago

      It is good to know that fishing can be profitable. Living by the ocean, there are people here who do fish quite often for this reason. Wow, that monster fish video is scary! I don't think I could even reel that one in!

    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 6 months ago from Brazil

      Hi Dianna,

      Yes, the same happens here in Brazil where I live. The fishermen haul their boats up and people are gathered around to buy what they have caught. I have also had people who have small motorcycles with cool boxes on the back come to our house selling fish.

      Once when I was traveling, I saw a man with fish hanging from the handlebars of his bike selling them door to door. Darn that I didn't have a camera with me.

      Anything is possible with a little creative thinking.

      Thanks for reading and have a great week.

    • profile image

      Deb Hirt 6 months ago

      Great ideas! Never did I dream that there was so much that one could do to receive income related a body of water.

    • profile image

      Kevin 6 weeks ago

      Fantastic article!

    • profile image

      diogenes 6 weeks ago

      ...interesting...then there's Phishing!?

    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 6 weeks ago from Brazil

      Hi Deb,

      I think we need to look at the simple ways often to generate money. As they say, give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and you kill a great business opportunity.

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