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75 Catchy Sandwich Shop Names

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Who doesn't love a good sandwich?

Who doesn't love a good sandwich?

Time to Talk Sandwiches!

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich once in a while? If you love them every day, then turning sandwiches into money is probably a good bet for you! I’m not talking about becoming a magician, either; I’m talkin’ opening your very own sandwich shop!

Not only will you never go hungry having a sandwich shop, but doesn’t the idea of being your own boss sound so appealing? Yes! Entrepreneurship may not be for everyone, but for a sandwich shop and a love of sandwiches, give it a whirl.

Sandwich Shop Name Ideas

Mr. SandwichThe Mean Grilled Cheese

Rock N' Roll Subs

Hot Crossed Buns

Rockin' Subs

Harry's Homestyle Hoagies

Sandwich All-the-Way

Friendly Club Sandwiches

Your Sandwish is My Command

Knuckle Sandwiches

King Sandwiches

Knuckleball Sandwiches

Mouth Melters Sandwich Shop

Pitchin' Sandwiches

Sam's Sammies

Secret Sauce Sandwiches

Sesame's Sandwiches

Stuffed! Sandwich Shop


HotPress Paninis

Toasty's Sandwiches

The Sandwich Station

Munchy Sandwich Shop

BBQ Bros. Sandwiches

Deli Bros. Sandwich Shop

Grilled Grinders

The Yellow Submarine

Twin Grill Grinder Shop

Finger Lakes Sandwich Co.

Swisswich Sandwich Shop

Great Lakes Grinders

Sunshine Subs

The Sandwich Club

The Sandwich Submarine

The Foodie Club

The Bread Knife Sub Shop

Hot Hoagies

Load it Up Subs

Hoagie Heros


Pastrami Jim's

Garden Grinders

The Veggie Bus Sandwich Mobile

Chip N Subs

Pitter Patter Platters

Big Belly Deli

Bread Heads Sandwiches

Musical Subs

Hometeam Handhelds

Chompers and Grinders

Home Run Grinders

The Sandwich Bar

Flour Power Subs

Toadstool Subs


It's in the Bread

Philly Steak Co.

Sandwich Makin' Station

Fat Al's Sandwich Shop

Hail Mary Sandwiches

Skinny Mini Sliders

Say Grace! Subs

Home Run Sliders

Grits and Grinders

Tri-City Sandwiches

The Cool Slaw Sandwich Shop

Lettuce Feed U Sandwiches

BB's Grinders

Off the Grill Subs and more

Duke of Reuben: Gourmet Sandwiches

Mayo Bros. Sandwiches

The Sandwich Scope

Sloppin' Subs

Sandwich Mama

The Sub Swap


"Stuffed! Sandwich Shop" is a name that could work for your restaurant, depending on the menu.

"Stuffed! Sandwich Shop" is a name that could work for your restaurant, depending on the menu.

Setting Up Shop

Before you open the doors to your shop, you need to make sure you are going about it the legal way. You need to ensure that you have all proper licensing, permits, and inspections required for your line of work prior to opening for business.

You will need to pick a name (more on this later) and register it with your state’s Division of Corporations to make your business a legal entity. You will then also need to register on a more local level with your county, city, or both, depending on local requirements. You will pay business taxes and be able to lawfully do business in the area.

Never forget to get the Health Department involved so that they can do their inspections to ensure your establishment is meeting health codes as far as sanitation and food handling goes. It’s a good idea to go ahead and call them first to see if they will require you to get the ball rolling for anything else!

Choosing a Sandwich Shop Name

Sandwich shops are all over the place, and a lot of the really successful ones have very fun names! Why? Because fun names are easy to remember! What should be included in the brainstorming for sandwich shop names?

  • Your name: You are a proud business owner, so show your pride in your sandwich shop name, so everyone knows the boss!
  • Type of food: If you make certain types of sandwiches such as subs, clubs, or even BBQ, make this clear in your name in order to make it easier for customers to seek you out, whether it’s online or in the phone book.
  • Puns: As stated earlier, sandwich shop names can get away with being fun, and there are lots of puns in this industry to play around with!
  • Brandable: If you have a dream of becoming the owner of a business of franchisees, then you really need to think about brands. It’s not a bad idea regardless, but most, if not all, franchises started out as a single shop with an owner with a vision!

Don’t forget that if you have a signature sandwich, using that in the name can ultimately help your brand! Whatever you choose for your sandwich shop name, make sure it sounds like a place you, your family, and your friends would eat at, even if it wasn’t yours. As long as the food is good, business will be good!

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