75 Strong Security Company Names

Updated on February 5, 2017

When you think “security,” what comes to mind? Is it a bodyguard? A home alarm system? Peace of mind in knowing you’re protected? Security is a very important thing in order to feel comfortable in life, and if you are looking to start your own business, perhaps you have considered a profession somewhere along the lines of security!

First things first, you will need to look into the appropriate licensing required for the type of security business you are looking to get into.

A good starting place would be a call into the licensing board for your state to see what state requirements there may be, and then contact your county or city, depending on location, to see what local licensing/permitting requirements need to be met in order to establish a business. Once you have everything legally needed to open a business, or at least know what you have to do, then read on!

Tips for Naming Your Business


Sample Security Company Names

OneGuard Watchdogs
Patrol Protection Connection
Superior Security
On Guard LifeWatchers
The Protection Connection
Homeward Bound Security
Siren Home Security
Safe and Sound Security
Blue Light Night Patrol
Watchdog Security Services
Private Guards Security
Night Prowlers Security
First Source Security
Safehouse Security
Above All Security
Private Eye Security
Lighthouse Patrol Service
King Security
Secure Home Watch
Lifehouse Security
Crown Security
Strongarm Security Partners
Lightning Rent-a-Guard
AAA Best Patrol Services
Rent-a-Guard Security Services
On-Demand Patrol
Emergency Security Services
Night Patrol Security
Guaranteed Security
Emergency Alert Security
Owl Eye Security
A1 Affirmed Security
Sundial Security
Night Owl Patrol Services
Moonshine Security
Sundown Security
Neighborhood Watch Patrol
Armed and Ready Security Guards
Sailor Security
Secured Safety Patrol
Dispatch Security
Criminal Watch Security
B-Secure Patrol Service
Peace of Mind Homewatch
Street Patrol Neighborhood Watch
Be Secure Home Watchers
Hidden Eye Security Systems
Night Guards Security
Assured Security
On Your Mark Security
Invincible Security
Assured Solutions Security
Security Anywhere
Precision Security
Assurance Security
CrimeShield Neighborhood Watch
Vigilante Neighborhood Watchers
Priority ONE Security
CrimeShield Patrol
Thousand Eyes Security
Lifeguard Security
Danger Alert Security
Night Troopers Security
Rest Assured Security
Three Alarm Security
Dependable Security Company
Mind-at-Ease Home Watchers
Secure Assist Night Guards
A-Dependable Security
Be Alert Security Services
Security Now! Home Watch
AAA Reliable Security
Task Force Security
Triple Threat Security
Hidden Lock Security

Tips for Naming Your Company

Security company names should sound like something that would provide someone adequate protection. A name in this business is important as it is the frontrunner of your business; an element that might set the overall mood that a consumer feels about your business at a first glance. Here’s a few tips that will help out in finding some good security company names:

  • Tough: Nothing says secure more than a name that has a lot of muscle behind it! You never see a bouncer at a club who looks scrawny, so why would anyone hire a security company that sounds weak? Think strong.

  • Professional: This is not the kind of business where you would want to use humor in a business name. People need you in a time where their life may be on the line and you need to be seen as reliable and professional to provide adequate comfort and peace of mind.

  • Brandable: You need a name that is memorable and easy to brand so that it will be recognized around town quickly and easily, thus promoting healthy business growth. If it helps, after you come up with a few names, see what kinds of logos you can come up with to go with the names.

  • Abbreviations/Acronyms: For a business like security, a name is everything, and having one that can easily be said and remembered in three letters rather than three words can work to your advantage, and become a part of your brand!

  • Type:Since there’s many different kinds of security services to provide, your name should make it clear what kind of service it is, whether it be online security, home security systems, or security guard temps.

Security companies are needed for various aspects of life, and choosing that perfect name can really help to start your business off in the right direction! Having the right name for your security business doesn’t just mean you’re in business, it can be job security!

What type of security company are you interested in?

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      • profile image


        8 weeks ago

        I need a good and professional name for my security company

      • profile image


        5 months ago

        I trying to find out which one of the names of my CCTV installation company would make an impact between "CCTV Security Technologies

      • profile image


        7 months ago

        My company name is going to be Lyons Inc. security

      • profile image

        JacDaniels cctvse 

        8 months ago

        I trying to find out which one of the names of my CCTV installation company would make an impact between " JacDaniels CCTV Security Technologies or JacDaniels CCTV Security Solutions

      • profile image


        9 months ago

        I am reserving Combatant Security Services, is ot professional?

      • profile image

        Richard Anthony 

        17 months ago

        Would like help in finding a good name. Im liking TEXAS PRIVATE SECURITY. For home security, bank security, and hotel security

      • profile image


        17 months ago

        i need good name


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