100 Sweet Smoothie Shop Names

Updated on February 5, 2017

What is the fastest and most delicious way to get your body the nutrition that it needs? By drinking smoothies, of course! You’ve landed on this page because you’re considering opening a smoothie shop, and what a tasty consideration to make!

Making smoothies may just seem like it’s just throwing a bunch of stuff into a blender and hitting a button, but there really is a science behind it in obtaining optimal flavors in your creations. If you have such a skill, then this can be a very successful business for you!

Smooth Tips for Naming a Business

Smoothie Shop Name Ideas

Naming a smoothie shop should be fun. It’s not really a place that people go to be serious, unless you plan on making it some kind of study place for college students or something.

The word “smoothie” should be in the name or just implied somewhere. It also helps to use words that indicate health like “green” or “energy” and words that make it sound like your business uses nothing but fresh ingredients (which it should)!

Just take a look at any competition around you and see what their names are, what they offer as far as a menu goes, and pick a name that really sets you apart from them! (It also pays to know their menu because you want to be able to offer much of what they offer, and something that they do not have at all!)

If you need some ideas for good smoothie shop names, here’s a whole list!

Mad Mango Smoothies
Swirly Smoothies & Shakes
Summertime Smoothies
The Juice Box
The Banana Blender
Showtime Smoothies
Green Machine Smoothies
Deliriously Delicious Smoothies
Strawesome Smoothie Shop
Hippie Chick Smoothies
Jolted Juice Bar
Zenergy Smoothies
Clementine's Smoothie Café
Tutti Frutti Smoothies
Smoothie Queen
Heavenly Huckleberry
GreenBerry Smooties
Pink Parrot Tropical Smoothies
Cherri Juice Co.
Sweet Tooth Smoothies
Live Peachy Smoothie Shop
BoozeBerry Juice Bar
Goin' Coconuts Shakes & Smoothies
Swizzle Smoothie Co.
Secret Garden Smoothie Shop
POP Smoothies
Frozen Fruit Smoothies
Smoothie Time!
The Twisted Strawberry
Crazy Carrots Health Shakes
WinterPop Slush Shop
LoveLemon Juice Bar
Main Street Smoothies
Smoothie Social
Green Goddess Smoothies
Blended Smoothie Shop
Royal Berry Smoothie Parlor
In the Mix Milkshakes & Smoothies
Muscle Man Protein Shakes
Smoothie Country
Electric Smoothies
FunkiFruit Juice Fountain
The Smoothie Life
Heart Healthy Smoothie Co.
Rainbow Smoothies
Perky Papaya Smoothie Parlor
SOHO Spinach Smoothies
Smashtime Smoothies
The Joyful Juicer
Channelside Smoothie Co.
Taste of Earth Smoothies
FreshFast Smoothies to Go
Sweet Sisters Smoothie Shop
Islander Smoothies
Wholesome Smoothies
Pineapples Tropical Smoothies
Smashed Bananas Smoothies
Smoothie Dreams
Greenfield Smoothies
The Duke of Juice
My Main Squeeze Juice
Smoothies 365
Crazy Straws Smoothie Shop
Jump Start Juice
Sunshine Smoothies
Pearanah Smoothie Parlor
Magic Potion Smoothies
Tri-City Smoothies
BerryBeatz Smoothie Bar
Smitten Smoothies
The Smoothie Fairy
San Diego Juice Co.
Health Nuts Smoothie Shop
MonkeyFruit Smoothies
Sara's Smoothies & Shakes
Lava Luau Tropical Smoothies
Peachtree Smoothies
Watson Fruit Company
Clean and Green Smoothies
Olly Organics Smoothies & Juice
Healthy Time Smoothies
Fruit Factory Smoothies & Shakes
Banana Beaters
The Frozen Kiwi Fruit Juice Café
Peelers Juice Parlor
Jump For Juice
Storybrooke Smoothies
Smoothie Society
Cup Cup and Away
Pomegranates Juice Parlor
Fairytale Fruit Smoothies
Green Tea Smoothie Café
Smooth Moves
Saturday Smoothies
Supercharged Smoothies
Paradise Smoothie Shop
FreshPress Juice
Smoothie Stop
Happy Honeydew

Smoothie Shop Naming Party

If you're still having trouble deciding on a name, which wouldn't be surprising since there are so many fun ones to choose from, then consider hosting a naming party for your family and friends.

You can host it one of two ways:

  1. Have guests choose a name based on ones you've already narrowed down.
  2. Have guests come up with names and choose one of their suggestions.

While they're deciding on their favorites, or trying to come up with a great name idea for you, pass out sample smoothie flavors you plan on having in your shop!

If you do decide to let your guests come up with names, offer a prize to the one who came up with the best name. Maybe even a free smoothies for life? Okay, so maybe that's a bit much, but who doesn't love the occasional freebie!

Open for Business!

Finally, you've got an awesome smoothie shop name, and isn't that what's most important? Well, not quite, but it will be one of the many factors that will draw people in the door.

Let’s not forget about offering a chill atmosphere that will keep customers in your doors for longer, which will lead to them spending more money whether it be a smoothie to go or another tasty treat you offer!

So as long as you have a good location with lots of traffic, and a really good menu, your success will taste just as good as those smoothies your customers are sipping on!

5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies!

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