100 Cool Software Company Names

Updated on February 19, 2017

With the ever-increasing technology in the world comes a strong demand for software to operate it all, and if you are looking for a field with a promising future, technology and software is where it’s at! Technology is the future of the world, will you be in it?

As you may know, there’s lots of different types of software needed to operate even the simplest of devices, all of which was developed by a person like you! Get your credentials together and start a business of your own, even in the comfort of your own home!

Starting a Software Company

Starting a software company often involves developing a piece of software that is in demand, perhaps something new and unique, or even just a version good enough to compete with what’s already out there. If you want to go about it all the legal way though, you must register your business with the state’s Division of Corporations, and pay whatever taxes that may be required on a local level as well.

The biggest part of having a software company is hands down creating a good name for yourself and a trusted brand that stands out in the industry. Many people start out as indie software developers and never find their breakthrough, and branding could very well be the problem!

Tips for Business Names and Domain Names

Tips for Naming a Software Company

Every brand needs a strong name behind it, and when it comes to software company names, the possibilities are as limitless as the software that can be developed. Need some brainstorming tips to come up with a few software company names? I’ve got your back!

  • Professional. Software companies should sound professional as it is a rather professional kind of business to get into, from a sales standpoint anyway. Give the company a name that sounds as successful as you want the company to be!

  • Software type. This is pretty important. If you are sticking with a single type of software, use this in your naming advantage. Developing mobile apps? Wordpress apps? Build your business into your brand.

  • Industry terms. There’s plenty of industry terms out there that can be helpful in creating a name for your company, so use this as a way to spark some name ideas! Puns can be used as well if you can think of a good one that sounds professional!

  • Memorable. You want to choose a name that will be easy for people to remember, something that will stick out and really ring a bell if someone hears the name.

  • Logo. If you are having trouble deciding between a few different names, see which names spark the best logo ideas, or have someone design logos for each one to see which one looks like it could be a big deal in the field!

Now, coming up with actual software company names might be a hard task, but it doesn’t have to be! Just read through the following list of examples to spark some ideas; you might even find something that’s pretty close to what you’re looking for!

Maxed Out Mobile Apps
Revelation Applications
Expressway Ecommerce Ltd.
Encoders Unlimited
Mad Mobile Develment
Macro Mobile Solutions
High Voltage Software
Neptune Technologies
Horizon PC Professionals
Hot Wired Web Applications
Element Web Development
Nova Web Designers
AlphaPress App Development
Coders Computer Software
Quantum Comp Solutions
Omega Mobile Co.
Parallax Programmers
Radioactive Applications
Bluelight Suites Software
Interstellar Software
Software Giant
Farley Technology
Nebula Web Delevepment Co.
Quest Web Developers
Ring of Fire Software
InfoWeb Software
Ringer Software Co.
Cryptware Tech International
TriTech International
Cryptical Software
BNL Software
Sage Solutions
Green Stream Software
Exodus Development Co.
Pixels Technical Solutions
Launchpad Web Developers
Godfather Analytics
SubZero Software
ManageMINT Data Co
Mortar Software
Code Red Technology
Fiscal Analytics
OmniSoft Technologies
Iron Clad Software
AddTek Software Co
Praying Mantis Software Co.
Safe Seal Technology
Cybill Technologies
Vintage Technologies
Radiance Software
Vantage Point App Service
7th Tower Software
Haute House Data
Hopper Technologies
Red Light Solutions
InTouch Software
eVantage Software
EchoPress Applications
Titan Tech Developers
eSafe Solutions
Source Code Software Co.
Crytonix Software
Skinner Software
Alien 51 Apps
PIX Programmers
Astray Applications
Billionaire Apps
Burnt City Software
Aubrey Analytics
Aurora Apps
Hashtag Web Consultants
Nautics Technology
MassData Delevopment
AutoPilot Software
TechniData Software
Skyline Web Solutions
Orion Solutions
Aardvark Apps
Beta Source Software
Mountain Peak Software
InSource IT
Data Backup Pros
ByteThis App Co
O-Data Apps
Compass Computer Software
Bridger Data Solutions
Genesis Systems
TopHat Software
Personal Web Consultants
GiddyUp Applications
DeBugged Pro
Fragile Techologies
Movements Mobile Software
Golden Analytical Software
Indomitech Development Co.
Atmotech Development
Integrated Web Solutions
Twin Apps Software Co.

Start Developing!

Naming your software company is a huge step in creating a successful business for yourself, so don’t feel rushed! Building your own business should be a slower process anyway so you can build it strong from the inside-out, much like the software you’ll be developing!

How to Build a Successful Software Company

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      • tutta profile image

        Tatiana 10 days ago from Florida

        Hi Ashish! I'd also suggest asking family and friends. Creating a brainstorming session with some people that you trust can help a lot when trying to generate ideas.

      • profile image

        Kiran 6 weeks ago

        We are opening a software company for Customization for account software .. Can you suggest me what is best name

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        Abhishek 2 months ago

        I would want to know all types include hacking apps development and more features

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        Luke pisano 3 months ago

        Hey, I am starting a software company that is making everything in the world more user-friendly and easier to use that is accessible to everyone and teaches that ever one can create it and I am stuck on a name could you help me?

      • profile image

        Kamal Jeet 6 months ago

        We are opening a software company including all types of creations work.. Can you suggest me what is best name

      • profile image

        Dileep 6 months ago

        We are opening a software company including all types of creations work.. Can you suggest me what is best name

      • profile image

        kuldeep 11 months ago

        thanks for giving a name for me-"after some time you all will know what it is"!