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100 Travel Company Names

Updated on April 10, 2017

We all need a vacation once in a while! It’s so much fun to plan vacations, exploring new areas and seeing just what activities and natural beauty they have to offer. If you are the type who enjoys this kind of research and planning vacations, then owning a travel company is just right for you!

Not only will you assist people in vacation planning, but you will also help businessmen and women plan important trips relative to their jobs which makes your job even that much more important and needed.

Video: Tips for Naming Your Business

Travel Company Naming Tips

If you’re going to be in the business of travel, then you ought to be thinking of some good travel company names. Think about the reasons people travel: Vacation getaways, business trips, last minute life events, and so on.

If you will be specializing in a specific form of travel or vacation type, then it’s best to make this clear in your name or slogan to let customers know ahead of time, and to prevent your time from being wasted as well. Some important things to look for in travel company names are:

  • Professional. While travel company names can have a fun sound to them, they should always sound professional. Would you want to trust your traveling needs to a company who doesn’t even have a professional-sounding name?

  • Relaxing. Many people travel for the sheer purpose of relaxing, so giving your travel company a relaxing name is never a bad bet! Think oasis, leisure, etc.

  • Reliability. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of working with a company who is unreliable, especially when it has to do with something that deals with strict time constraints.

  • Prompt. Speaking of time constraints, you want to pick a name that says just how prompt you are, and follow through with this with your amazing business practices, right? Right!

Now let’s explore a few good travel company names to get you thinking on the right track!

Dream Destinations Getaways
Paradise Travel
Beyond Borders Traveling Booking
Right Flight Travel Co.
Cruisers Seaside Travel
Safe Travels Vacations
First Class Corporate Travel
Madison Ave. Travel Agent
Travel Right
Royalty Travel Systems
Now Boarding Flight Organizers
Speedy Getaways
Willow Tree Travel & Resort
Exploration Travel
Pristine Vacation Planner
I DO! Honeymoon Helpers
Destination Anywhere
Point B Travel Company
Smiles For Miles Travel Agent
Sangria Tour & Cruise
Where to Go Travel Tours
Tropical Travel
Business Class Travel Inc.
Weekend Getaways
4 Seasons Travel Company
Sunset Vacations
Whisked Away Travel
Airborne Travel Agency
Breathtaking Vacations
N & L Travel International
Rustic Woods Wilderness Expeditions
Happy Trails Travel Company
The Travel Connection
Off Road Adventures Travel Company
Tour Guide Travel Agency
Mountain Top Travel Co.
Jet Set Travel Services
Hot Spot Travel Agency
All American Vacation
Oasis Travel
World Wonders Travel Co.
Great Vacations Travel Co.
Fairytale Family Travel Agent
See America RV Services
Twin City Travel & Tourism
Summer Vacations
Swiss Family Beachfront Tours
Cool River Travel Agency
Peaceful Travel Planning
Spirit of Adventure Travel Agent
Seven Seas Travel Agent
Miami Air & Sea Travel Agency
Passports Travel Planners
The Vacation Connection
Happy Travels Vacations
Pheonix Travel & Tour
Sky High Travel
International Adventures Travel
On Time Travel Organizers
Pirate Cove Travel Co.
Wilderness Explorers
World Wide Travel
Up Up and Away Travel Agency
Oh The Places You'll Go Travel Co.
Holy Trinity Missions Trips
Destination Vacation
Homeward Holidays
Coastline Corporate Travel Co.
Smart Family Vacations
Beyond the Sea Cruise Services
Welcome Travel Agents
Sky Blu Air & Sea
Sea Turtle Travel & Tours
Gateway Getaways
Airwaves Flights & Cruises
Sites & Sounds Tourism
New Realm Travel
Fly Away Travel Agent
Wayward Travel Company
Open Road RV Rental
Mapstat Travel Agent
Destiny Travel International
Lido Travel & Cruise
Howard Commercial Travel
Global Getaways Inc.
Columbus Business Travel Inc.
Route 66 RVs
Artic Waters Travel Agency
National Pride Travel Planning
Safari Travel Services
Evergreen Travel Insurance
Pegasus Private Travel Services
Big City Sightseeing Tours
Golden Ticket Guided Tours
Mayflower Travel Agency
Far Far Away Travel Agency
Whitepeak Mountain Travel Guides
Westshore Travel Corp.
Triumph Travel Agency

Get Inspired

Be sure to keep a notepad on you everywhere you go because you just never know when inspiration will hit you like a jet plane and you’ll think of the name that will ultimately become your business.

If you’re having a hard time, why not plan your first business trip for yourself with the sole purpose of thinking of a great travel company name!

All of this brainstorming has me ready for a vacation!

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    • profile image

      Salty Sam 54 2 months ago

      Hi Titania, Talk about good timing. I have just been looking at one or two ideas about a travel business so coming across your hub is very good timing.

      I actually own a domain similar to Sky Blu which I now realise would be ideal for a travel business. Thanks

    • profile image

      Faye James 6 weeks ago

      I think the names need to be more adventurous.

    • profile image

      Alan Walker 6 weeks ago

      Subscribe My Channel: Alan Walker

    • profile image

      rakesh prsana behera 4 weeks ago

      what is asigned our travels name

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